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Meaning of ‘That’s What I Like’ by ‘Bruno Mars’

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Released: 2017

Let’s dive into the vibrant pop world of Bruno Mars through his hit “That’s What I Like”. The song, at its core, speaks to the luxurious lifestyle Mars lives – or desires to live – and his willingness to share this world with the girl he’s serenading. Picture fast cars, sparkling jewelry, fancy dinners, and high-end shopping sprees; all expressions of his affection.

Mars starts off with “I got a condo in Manhattan. Baby girl, what’s happenin’?” Here he presents a glimpse of an upscale urban lifestyle and playfully invites the girl into it. Further, “pop it for a player” is his way of asking the girl to dance for him, with player being a term referring to someone who’s good at ‘playing the game’, being smooth and charming, in this case, with women.

He continues with lavish promises like “I’ll rent a beach house in Miami” and “Lobster tail for dinner”. These are emblematic of an extravagant lifestyle that Mars is ready to provide. The line “Julio, serve that scampi” hints towards having personal staff – i.e., Julio – serving high-end seafood dishes. “You got it if you want it” represents Mars’ readiness to give the girl anything she desires.

Then comes the refrain, “Gold jewelry shining so bright. Strawberry champagne on ice”. A powerful and sumptuous image, it’s Mars’ way of asserting his intent to spoil the girl he’s with, with expensive jewelry and luxurious drinks. The declaration “Lucky for you, that’s what I like” emphasizes that this opulence is not merely a way to lure her, but something that he genuinely enjoys.

The line “I’m talkin’ trips to Puerto Rico” continues the theme of affluent travels. And when Mars says, “Girl, I’ll be your fleeko,” he’s getting a little more intimate. ‘Fleeko’ is a made-up term that’s likely a playful code between him and his girl.

Finally, the assertive line “You say you want a good time, well, here I am, baby,” unravels Mars’ confidence in the pleasure-filled experience he can provide. This line, alongside “Gold jewelry shining so bright. Strawberry champagne on ice” are repeated throughout the song, reinforcing his commitment to indulgence.

In essence, “That’s What I Like” is Mars’ love letter to the good life, as seen through the lens of love and desire. It’s a danceable, catchy anthem that promises a world of luxury, packaged in Mars’ irresistible charm.

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