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Meaning of ‘TECHNICIAN’ by ‘ODUMODUBLVCK’ feat. Blaqbonez, Lekaa Beats

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Released: 2024Features: Blaqbonez, Lekaa Beats”Technician” by Odumodublvck is an unabashed celebration of individuality, swagger, and control. The track is a flirtatious dance between the protagonists and their muses, as they describe their magnetic influence and ability to tune into the energy of the women drawn to them.

The song kicks off with a series of shout-outs, dropping names like “Lekaa from London”, and allusions to affiliations like the Black Sheep and Antiworld Gangsters. This conveys a sense of camaraderie and group identity.

In the chorus ‘Technician, my tester look at how I control her’, Odumodublvck games with the language of electronics and software programming, dubbing himself a “technician” and “tester”. In this context, he’s not just flipping switches in a server room. He’s navigating a relationship, exerting his influence to ‘control’ his female companion, a recurring motif throughout the track. The phrase “Put her on my vibration” suggests his ability to set the rhythm, tone, and frequency of their interaction.

Blaqbonez’s verse embodies street narrative of struggle and success, framed in the context of music. Terms like ‘NECO’ refer to Nigeria’s national school-leaving examination. The lyrics also flag up romantic nuances like a lover with a falsetto voice, and a man who can’t let go when intoxicated. The Slang “ogogoro” is a Nigerian term for local gin.

The explicit references to footballers like Makelele and de Bruyne, and use of terms like ‘shoot from out to box’, seamlessly marry the world of sports with the song’s narrative about amorous conquest. A line like “VVS’s, ice on me, Makaveli” amps up the braggadocio by invoking luxury diamond cuts, cool demeanor, and the raw rebellious spirit of rapper Tupac Shakur, also known as Makaveli.

Odumodublvck returns to the chorus, where the term “knack am” reemerges—a slang phrase in Nigerian pidgin English that literally translates to ‘hit it’, often used in colloquial conversation to imply sexual intercourse. Blaqbonez makes further nods to pop culture, with references to long jump and Mandingo—a symbol of virility from 1970s blaxploitation films.

The repetition of “Hi my hello” in the song’s outro, coupled with its simplicity, cultivates an infectious, rhythmic chant. It’s an apt finish, echoing the song’s throughline of controlled, manipulative flirtation.

“Technician” juxtaposes youthful swagger, cultural nods, and romantic exploits against a backdrop of familiar streets and struggles—sculpting a multi-faceted portrait of the artists as controllers and excellent handlers of their respective spheres.

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