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Meaning of ‘Sunsetz’ by ‘Cigarettes After Sex’

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Released: 2017

“Sunsetz” by Cigarettes After Sex is a dreamy, intimate ballad painting vivid images of a love story unfolding in fleeting moments. It’s all about making lasting memories, cherishing them, and the sadness that comes when they’re just that – memories.

The singer starts off, “We wander through a foreign town. Strangely there’s nobody else around.” It builds an image of a mysterious, isolated place—a setting far from the maddening crowd. Here, boldness ensues as the lovers share intimate moments on an “old playground”. The imagery evokes the daring, rebellious side of young love. The key line, “So you open your dress and show me your tits” may come off as provocative, but it’s really about the fearlessness of love, the comfort shared in secluded spaces.

The chorus, “And when you go away, I still see you. With sunlight on your face in my rear view”, encapsulates the pain of parting. The sunlight emphasizes the brightness, warmth, and beauty of the relationship. It also symbolizes an end as in ‘sunset’, suggesting that the beautiful moment, like the day, has now ended. The rear view represents memories, the past—something being left behind yet pointedly visible.

When they say, “I wanna hear your voice. A love that nobody could destroy,” it symbolizes a longing for permanence in the fleeting world of their love. The line, “Took photographs like Brautigan’s book covers that we both adored”, hints at common interests, shared moments, making the bond seem even more personal, intimate. For your info, Brautigan was a famous author, known for his evocative cover designs.

Finally, the recurring lines, “And when you go away I still see you. With sunlight on your face in my rear view”, echo the painful return to reality, the longing, and the memory of beautiful moments that linger long after they’ve passed.

This song masters the art of storytelling. It transports you into a world of its own, where love is free-spirited, bittersweet, and always remembered. “Sunsetz” encapsulates the ephemeral nature of significant moments, underlining the fact that they’re always sunsets, beautiful yet transient.

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