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Meaning of ‘Sweet’ by ‘Cigarettes After Sex’

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Released: 2017

“Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex is a smooth track that’s all about the deep, unspoken connection between two people. The song delves into the intimate aspects of a relationship, highlighting both physical attraction and the emotional bond that goes beyond words. At its core, it celebrates the sweetness of knowing someone loves you without them having to say it.

The opening lines set a very intimate scene, with the singer describing watching a video of their lover in the shower. The phrase “wet hair dripping” is not just about the physical image; it symbolizes vulnerability and openness. When the singer mentions “You know that I’m obsessed with your body/But it’s the way you smile that does it for me,” it’s clear that their connection isn’t just skin-deep. The smile—the emotional connection—it’s what truly captivates the singer, making their relationship “so sweet.”

As the song progresses, the focus shifts slightly to a video of the lover in “red lingerie”, emphasizing physical desire again. But yet again, the singer brings it back to a deeper level, saying it’s the lover’s eyes that truly pull him under. This back and forth between physical desire and emotional connection plays throughout, reinforcing the song’s message that true sweetness lies in the emotional bond.

The chorus “It’s so sweet knowing that you love me/Though we don’t need to say it to each other, sweet/Knowing that I love you, and running my fingers through your hair” is a beautiful encapsulation of the song’s essence. It’s about the moments shared between two people that communicate love more profoundly than words ever could. This idea of an unspoken understanding and the comfort found in the other’s presence is what makes the relationship sweet.

The lines “And I would gladly break it/I would gladly break my heart for you” add a layer of sacrifice to the song’s theme. It speaks to the depth of the singer’s love, suggesting they’re willing to endure pain for the sake of their partner’s happiness. This willingness to suffer for love adds a poignant depth to their definition of sweetness.

Ultimately, “Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex is a hauntingly beautiful love song that explores the complexity of relationships. It’s a reminder that the sweetest aspects of love are often the unspoken ones, and that physical attraction, while powerful, pales in comparison to the emotional intimacy shared between two people. This song celebrates the depth of love that exists in silent moments and shared glances, proving that sometimes, words are unnecessary to express the strongest of feelings.

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