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Meaning of ‘Some Type Of Skin’ by ‘Aurora’ feat. AURORA

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Released: 2024

Features: AURORA

“Some Type Of Skin” by Aurora is a potent narrative of resilience and emotional strength. The song talks about the need to construct a figurative protective layer to handle life’s challenges, suggesting a journey towards personal growth and empowerment.

The lyrics “Hit me hard where I am soft“, carry a dual meaning. They represent both the vulnerability of the singer and the severity of the problems she’s facing. It speaks to all of us who’ve felt targeted in our weakest areas.

Aurora uses recurring phrases like “I got to build some type of skin” as a metaphor for developing emotional resilience. She’s suggests a need to toughen up and shield oneself from emotional blows. A repeated line, it denotes Aurora’s commitment to grow stronger, despite her struggles.

When she sings “And love the things I know might disappear“, Aurora reveals her fear of the impermanence of loved things. This acknowledgement allows her to value them more, weaving in an appreciation for the fleeting nature of life.

She includes verses like “We’re good people / And we deserve peace“, reminding herself and the listener that everyone, despite their challenges, deserves peace. This statement is a mantra of sorts, a declaration of self-worthstanding against adversity.

Phrases like “My God! It’s a lot” depict the overwhelming nature of her struggles, but they also hint at a steadfast resolve. She’s seemingly worn out, yet she repeats her mantra of needing to build some type of skin. She’s transparent about her journey, the challenges and the perseverance.

The final lines “It’s a lot / A lot to me / To me” serve as a powerful conclusion, underscoring the personal significance and weight of her experiences. In expressing it this way, Aurora universalizes her experience, letting anyone who listens know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but also reminds us of the possibility of developing resilience.

“Some Type Of Skin” by Aurora is an anthem for anyone going through tough times but resolved to build emotional resilience. It offers reassurance that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, to acknowledge your vulnerabilities, and to take steps towards strength.

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