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Meaning of ‘Animal Soul’ by ‘Aurora’ feat. AURORA

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Released: 2024

Features: AURORA

“Animal Soul” by Aurora, featuring AURORA, is a lyrical quest for identity, an expression of feely deeply out of sync with the world around. It juxtaposes raw primal animality against cold, hard societal expectations.

The opening lyric recalls a time of simplicity and unity. She harks back to her mother’s womb – a time of absolute protection and connection. The phrase “Lying inside the body of my mother” is pristine in its depiction of an unruffled, serene existence. The use of the phrase “I can remember light coming through her skin“, signifies Aurora’s inherent connectivity to the world and people around her.

However, she claims to be a “child with an animal soul“, an embodiment of unspoiled natural instincts and innocence unsuited to the modern world. A world she feels alienated from. Her repetition of “I don’t belong here, I don’t belong anywhere” underscores the magnitude of this disconnect.

Navigating the confounding labyrinth of life, as expressed in “As I am running around looking for every answer“, our artist compares her mind to a beautiful dancer, graceful yet elusive. She is on a quest to extricate what makes her feel empty, as seen in “I am here to tear what makes me hollow“.

The closing lyrics are the most profound. Aurora observes that even in freedom, restrictions persist. Take “Funny how we’re free to walk around, Still our feet are forced to walk the ground“. This is her witty retort to the irony of life. And the profound “Even when we die we’re deeper down, down, down” demonstrates a continuous pursuit, even beyond mortal existence.

In conclusion, “Animal Soul” reveals a raw, visceral struggle of being an innocent soul, coexisting in a complex tapestry of societal norms and expectations. It’s an emotive call for understanding, acceptance, and genuine freedom.

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