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Meaning of ‘Risk Taker’ by ‘Blxst’ feat. Offset

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Released: 2024

Features: Offset

“Risk Taker” by Blxst featuring Offset is all about the high-stakes game of romance and affirming one’s commitment to a partner no matter the costs. This song captures the attention of its audience with its vibrant energy and catchy lyrics, underscoring the allure of being in a relationship with a risk taker and a wealthy individual.

Starting with lines like “Baby, they can’t keep up. Whoever talked down on you gotta speak up,” Blxst sets the tone for a love that’s untouchable. He’s expressing that they’re a power couple that others can’t keep up with. The line “You in your bag once again, you can’t be touched” is slang for being in your zone, or doing well. This line promises that the woman he’s singing to is on top of her game, unbeatable.

The song’s repetitive hook, “I know you want a risk taker, don’t ya? Girl, you want a rich nigga, don’t ya?” reveals the woman’s desire for an edgy and affluent partner. Here, “risk taker” refers to someone bold and adventurous while “rich nigga” is self-explanatory.

Offset joins, flaunting wealth and privilege with references to G5 jets, Hermès Birkins, and diamond crosses. The line “I can get you Birkins any size at Hermès” suggests he’s willing to shower his partner with expensive gifts. He promises that love doesn’t have to come with a price tag, but she can have whatever she likes – a clear nod to wealth and luxury.

The song goes back to the addictive chorus, reinforcing the theme of desire for a risk-taking and rich partner. Then it smoothly transitions to the idea of commitment with the lyrics “if we locked in for life”, showing a readiness to commit. The phrase “locked in” is colloquially used to mean fully committed or serious about something.

Lastly, Blxst ends the song on a high note, teasing the idea of a shared life of luxury, adventure and eternal bond with his partner. The references to Cancun and the promise to ‘play unfair’ with her hint at a thrilling life of love, risk and opulence.

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