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Released: 2024

Features: Feid

“Rewind” by Blxst, featuring Feid, is a spirited invitation to a nostalgic celebration of life, love, and the intoxicating thrill of reminiscence. The song brims with the desire to relive the high points of a relationship, regardless of where it stands now, with a bottle in hand and dance beneath radiant lights.

The opening verse and chorus, “Come take a shot with me tonight…Te quiero sentir then press rewind (ey)” paints a tantalizing tableau of an unforgettable night filled with dance, laughter, and a smidgen of reckless abandon. The phrase “Te quiero sentir then press rewind” is a clever linguistic merge of English and Spanish, expressing the longing to feel the exhilarating connection again and to relive those halcyon moments.

In the lines, “You been acting stingy lately wonder if you take me serious…Make an excuse, you wrong if you postpone it, uy”, Blxst expresses frustration with his companion’s perceived unavailability. He’s puzzled about her intentions – are they aligned with his? He presses the point, emphasizing the significance of their moment together while propping a question of what she’d do if she were in his shoes.

Feid takes the baton with, “Un shot conmigo es lo que hay…Cómo estás de chimba que moral”, seductively enticing his lady to share a drink, luxuriate in the dim intimacy, and relish their natural chemistry. The Spanish phrase “Cómo estás de chimba que moral” is a nod to regional slang, largely implying ‘how cool you are’.

Another verse, “Dijiste que no y te quedaste…Shorty I can give you what you want, uy” notes a resistance towards their attraction, only to later give into it. Here they underline the back-and-forth dynamics that comprise their relationship. Amidst this push and pull, there is an assurance that they can grant each other what they seek in this nocturnal escapade.

The chorus serves as the song’s mantra and its strength – the desire to relive beautiful memories with “Rewind”. Both Blxst and Feid extend this invitation repeatedly, emphasizing the song’s theme – a romantic yearning steeped in sensuous indulgence and bitter-sweet nostalgia.

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