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Meaning of ‘Rain’ by ‘Todd Edwards’ feat. Shermanology, Rudimental

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Released: 2024

Features: Shermanology, Rudimental

Deep dive into the lyrics of “Rain” by Todd Edwards featuring Shermanology and Rudimental, and one would find an anthem of resilience and personal growth. It uses the metaphor of rainfall as hardship and challenges, suggesting that rather than avoid them, one should accept these struggles as part of life and use them as catalysts to grow stronger.

Let’s start with the lines “Take a block and knock-down / Don’t run to find shelter”. Here, the verb “knock-down” implies struggle, while “run to find shelter” refers to the human instinct to escape hardship. Instead, the singer advises us not to run away from our struggles; instead, face these head-on.

Moving on, “Drops hitting your skin / And sometimes it gets colder” paints a vivid image of standing in the rain, which is a metaphor for facing life’s difficulties. The cold heightens the feeling of discomfort, and yet, the advice is to “ride it out and just let it in“. This phrase suggests acceptance of these challenges, acknowledging the discomfort but not letting it be a hindrance.

The chorus “Rain will make it wetter / Rain will make it better” emphasizes the dual nature of ‘rain’. On one hand, it represents struggle; but on the other hand, it leads to growth, making us ‘better’. This is a classic case of harnessing the power of adversity.

The line “Let the showers rain on me” reaffirms acceptance, embracing the ‘rain’ or life’s challenges. The repetition of the phrase reinforces the need to repeatedly face our fears and challenges. It’s a call to action, urging listeners to take charge and face life’s challenges head-on instead of hiding from them.

Lastly, “Just use it to grow, oh / Grow, oh / Grow, oh / Grow” serves as the song’s key message: growth must follow adversity. The repetition of ‘Grow’ serves to drive home this point, encouraging us to learn and grow stronger from our experiences, good or bad.

In sum, “Rain” is a heartening track that motivates its listeners to transform their hardships into opportunities for personal growth. It’s a poetic tribute to human resilience, reminding us that even the heaviest storms precede the brightest rainbows.

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