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Meaning of ‘Khutti’ by ‘Diljit Dosanjh’ feat. Saweetie

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Released: 2024

Features: Saweetie

“Khutti” by Diljit Dosanjh featuring Saweetie is a smooth blend of braggadocio and cultural pride, empowering you to embrace your roots while also striving for success. It showcases the glory of the Punjabi lifestyle with a sprinkle of swag from California’s Bay Area – a tantalizing mix of East meets West.

From the jump, Saweetie’s intro sets the stage for the global hustle; she’s “landed in Punjab” at 8AM, ready to “get that bag”, referencing the modern-day slang for grinding to pursue wealth. Diljit responds with an image of wealth and luxury through his lyrics. The full dollars in his pocket and the ice in his Chivas (Premium Scotch) illustrate his high-class lifestyle. The mention of “G-Class” (a status symbol Mercedes-Benz series) further stamps his affluent status.

When Diljit claims that he doesn’t “ਲਗਦੇ ਨੀ Line’an” which translates to “stand in lines”, he’s asserting his high status and influence. The “ਜ਼ਿੰਦਗੀ ‘ਚ ਰਾਜੇ ਆ ਨੀ” line, translating to “Kings in life”, reinforces this idea of him and his crew being top dogs in their game. The focus on “ਰੂਹ”, meaning “soul”, suggests a grounded personality, despite all material successes.

The hook, “ਜੱਟ ਦਾ ਸਿਰੇ ਦੀ ਖੁੱਤੀ ਚੀਜ ਐ”, meaning “it’s a unique possession of a Jatt”, is a nod to Punjabi cultural identity. Jatts are a traditionally farming community in Punjab, known for their resilience and hard work. The term “ਖੁੱਤੀ”, translating to “unique”, elevates their special status within the culture.

Saweetie’s verse speaks to her own boss status and lavish lifestyle, with “bundles in my Birkin” and “lip gloss in my Louis”, referencing the uber-expensive Birkin bags and Louis Vuitton. She embodies the independent, successful, and fearless woman of today who hustles and shines in her own right. The line “Let me get my visa, visa”, signifies her global drive and aspiration.

As the song concludes with both artists reiterating their status and high-end lifestyle, it’s clear the track embodies the spirit of those chasing dreams, breaking barriers, and living life on their own terms. “Khutti” is a glamorous ode to ambition, cultural pride, and living the high life while staying humble and rooted.

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