Djo - End of Beginning
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Meaning of the song ‘End of Beginning’ by ‘Djo’

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Released: 2022

Ready for a trip down memory’s gritty Chinatown? Strap in, because Djo is about to take us. The song “End of Beginning” by Djo is a confessional introspection, a tale of self-reflection and evolution. Djo, aka Joe Keery, is serving us a generous portion of his life, painting a picture of personal growth and bidding adieu to his younger self.

Let’s dive into the lyrics, shall we? Kicking off with “Just one more tear to cry, one teardrop from my eye / You better save it for / The middle of the night when things aren’t black and white”, our man Djo starts the tune with a tiny tribute to the twilight of his own innocence. He’s dropping insights on us, undermining the idea that everything is black and white, and reflecting on moments of personal strife and uncertainty. “Enter, Troubadour”, here plays a double role, seemingly referencing both the wandering medieval lyricist and the iconic LA club famous for breaking new artists. The “remember 24?” line suggests a nostalgic recall of his past life before fame.

Moving on to the chorus, “And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it / Another version of me, I was in it / I wave goodbye to the end of beginning” – Djo channels his sentiments about his hometown, Chicago. It’s clear he feels a connection to the city and the person he was during his time there. Notice the farewell to the “end of beginning”, he’s clearly ready to evolve, embrace change, and step into a new phase.

The next verse, “A major sacrifice, but clueless at the time / Enter, Caroline / “Just trust me, you’ll be fine””, hints at some specific personal event or relationship. Here, Caroline might be a stand-in for a romantic subplot or even a metaphor for his career’s trajectory. The assurance of “trust me, you’ll be fine”, paired with the previous mention of sacrifice, suggests a message of optimism and resilience in the face of trials.

Finally, the repeated line, “You take the man out of the city, not the city out the man,” hits us square in the sentimentality. It underscores the dynamic between personal identity and one’s upbringing or environment. Despite his departure from his native city, Djo asserts that Chicago remains a part of who he is.

In a nutshell, “End of Beginning” is Djo’s lyrical love letter to his past self, his city, and showcases a man who’s comfortable with his growth and eager for the journey ahead.

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