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Meaning of ‘One More I Love You’ by ‘Alex Warren’

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Released: 2021

“One More I Love You” by Alex Warren is a raw display of the immense grief, regret, and longing that follows a loss. It’s an emotional ride that showcases the extreme lengths one would go to in order to have one more chance to express their love.

The opening lines “5 a.m. and I feel like crying / I knew I lost you, I lost a friend” set a gloomy mood. They depict the early morning hours when emotions run high, and the reality of losing someone dear hits hardest. Losing a friend can be interpreted literally or as a metaphor for the end of a romantic relationship, where the person was also a friend.

Warren’s use of the phrase “knees deep in alcohol” signifies his attempts to drown his feelings in drink. However, it’ clear it’s not working as he repeatedly sings, “I’m drowning, I’m drowning, I’m drowning.” This repetition signifies how he is metaphorically ‘sinking’ under the weight of pain and loss while alcohol, instead of numbing it, only intensifies the sensation.

The song’s chorus, “‘Cause there ain’t nothing in this world / Nothing in this world I wouldn’t do / To say one more I love you”, really tugs at the heartstrings as Warren wishes for one more chance to express his love. It shows the intensity of his regret and the lengths he would go to rectify his perceived mistakes.

Warren further emphasizes the impact of the loss with the lines “Thunder hit but it felt like lighting / The night I lost you, I lost a friend,” using the comparison between thunder and lightning to illustrate the shocking and abrupt nature of the loss.

The phrase “And pictures say you look just like me” could be a reference to a child, adding another dimension to his loss and regret. However, this could also be a metaphorical reflection of how closely their lives were intertwined.

Overall, “One More I Love You” is about dealing with loss and regret in an unforgiving emotional landscape. It serves as a poignant reminder to not take any moment or person for granted.

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