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Meaning of ‘Chasing Shadows’ by ‘Alex Warren’

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Released: 2022

Alex Warren’s “Chasing Shadows” is a lyrical journey of longing, loss, and the persisting memories of someone dear. The song is a melancholic ode to someone who once held an all-important place in his life but isn’t around anymore.

The lines “I’m homesick for somewhere that doesn’t exist” speaks to an inner longing for a relationship that’s no more. Alex is missing a relationship or a person who is no longer in his life, hence the place “doesn’t exist”.

This feeling of remembrance and longing continues with “Sun goes up, then the sun goes down, and your shadow gets longer on the ground”. Here, the shadow represents the memory of this person which extends, becoming more profound as time passes. It’s clear Alex is stuck in a cycle of missing and yearning.

In another poignant line, “It’s like you’ve been replaced by a tattoo of your name”, Alex communicates the everlasting imprint this person has left on him, just like a permanent tattoo. The person might be gone, but their memory isn’t.

The recurring phrase “Chasing shadows of you” is an emotional heart cry. He’s acknowledging that he’s in pursuit of something unattainable. He’s chasing the “shadows”, the fading imprints or memories of this person, knowing fully well that it’s impossible to reach them.

In the line “Said goodbye, wasn’t ready yet, Only see you in this silhouettes (of you)”, there’s an admission of an abrupt end that left Alex unprepared. Now, he’s left only seeing the silhouettes, the vague imprints of this person.

In the end, “Chasing Shadows” paints a picture of longing, the pain of a loss, and the relentless pursuit to hold on to the fading memories of a loved one. It’s a bittersweet ballad that many can relate to, making it a memorable piece in the pop music landscape.

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