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Meaning of ‘older’ by ‘Isabel LaRosa’

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Released: 2023

Features: Isabel LaRosa

Gotcha, mate. “Older” by Isabel Larosa is a catchy pop tune that talks about a young lady’s yearning for an older, more mature romantic partner. The song spotlights her desire for stability, wisdom, and an emotional anchor, something she believes can only be found in a more mature partner. Isabel places the spotlight on the complexities of age, experience, and understanding in relationships.

Starting with “Think I need someone older, Just a little bit colder”, our girl, Isabel, yearns for an older person who can offer some emotional coolness. She wants someone who can deal with the ups and downs of life without getting all worked up. When she mentions “Takes the weight off your shoulders”, she’s talking about someone who can provide support, someone to lean on when the going gets tough. That’s what mature love is all about, isn’t it?

When Isabel croons, “Baby, am I your little secret? 18, I’m old enough to keep it”, she’s posing a question to her partner, asking if she’s being kept a secret due to their age difference. Figuratively speaking, she’s absolutely game to keep this secret, she’s 18, she isn’t a kid anymore.

Fast forward to “Darling, hold me while you wipe my tears”, Isabel wants to be loved, comforted, and understood. She’s craving the kind of emotional maturity that comes with age. In turn, her partner acknowledges her maturity beyond her years. It’s the whole “Yeah, I guess my age just don’t do the same” bit all over again.

And finally, when our girl sings, “I know I’m younger than your lover, But I’ve always wanted a man, For the summer, Age is a number, My dear, I know you’ll understand”, it’s clear as a bell. Isabel isn’t shy about her summer romance with an older man. To her, age is a mere number when it comes to love.

To sum it up, “Older” isn’t just a pop song about an age difference. It’s a song about seeking emotional maturity, wisdom and comfort in a partner. Even more so, it’s a shout-out to all young hearts with an old soul. Cheers to being young and longing for the ‘Older’.

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