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Meaning of the song ‘favorite’ by ‘Isabel LaRosa’

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Released: 2024

Sparks fly between two lovers in Isabel LaRosa’s track, “Favorite”. The song sees the singer whispering sweet nothings, scaling the heights of desire, and making a passionate plea to be her lover’s favorite. LaRosa’s lyrics are laced with a potent mix of romance, lust, sensuality, and a sprinkle of jealousy, bridging the gap between English and Spanish as a testament to the universality of desire.

Right out the gate, we’re plunged headfirst into a heated romantic affair with “Say my name, I want the neighbors to hear it / Want your body to feel it”. This opening line is LaRosa unabashedly expressing her desire for intimacy, and daring enough to want the world to know. When she sings, “Boy, you know if there’s a heaven, I’m near it,” LaRosa places their passion on a divine pedestal, hinting at its life-changing impact.

Switching between English and Spanish, she sings, “Ay, cariño, sé que tú eres mío / Quiero pasarme la raya.” Translated it means “Oh, darling, I know you’re mine / I want to cross the line.” Here, LaRosa is making an ardent claim over her love interest and expressing her readiness to take their relationship further, to cross boundaries of casualness and commit deeper to their love story.

The chorus, “Darlin’, can I be your favorite? / I’ll be your girl, let you taste it / I want you to tell me you crave it” is an earnest plea for undivided affection and a clear display of her hunger for validation. It’s clear from this line that she seeks not just love but also admiration from her lover.

With “I swear you’re heaven, but boy, you’re no angel,” LaRosa seems to be acknowledging the dual nature of her lover: at times heavenly, but not devoid of faults. The line, “Put your hands around my neck, make me faithful” is a sizzling shoutout to their physical passion, yet also a bold statement of her commitment, as well.

“Soy celosa, lo siento,” she admits, meaning “I’m jealous, I’m sorry.” This is an honest, if begrudging, acknowledgment of the flip side of her desire. It’s a hint to LaRosa’s vulnerability, as well as her awareness of the pitfalls of jealousy in relationships, giving the song an added dimension of emotional authenticity.

“Favorite,” ultimately, is a forthright confession of love, desire, and a hint of jealousy, wrapped in steamy, sultry beats, making it a perfectly earthy pop anthem. LaRosa’s confident expression of desire combined with moments of vulnerability lends the track an emotional weight that elevates it beyond a run-of-the-mill pop number.

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