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Meaning of ‘ocean eyes’ by ‘Billie Eilish’

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Released: 2016

“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish spins a tale of intense emotion, where the subject’s gaze – described as ocean eyes – stirs up overwhelming feelings within the singer. The lyrics intimately express a sense of fear, attraction, and a tinge of despair in the face of an almost consuming love.

“I’ve been watching you for some time / Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes.” In these opening lines, Billie Eilish establishes the figure of her fascination: someone with ocean eyes. The phrase implies depth, mystery, and unpredictability which matches the profound impact they have on her. The melody cranks up with, “Burning cities and napalm skies / 15 flares inside those ocean eyes.” These lines paint a vivid image – a landscape of destruction and chaos. They signify the turmoil and passion, which Eilish feels under their gaze.

“You really know how to make me cry / When you give me those ocean eyes / I’m scared.” These lines reveal the toll this pull has on Eilish. It’s potent enough to summon tears and fear, hinting at a sense of vulnerability. The repeated phrase, “I’ve never fallen from quite this high / Falling into your ocean eyes,” underscores the sense of danger and risk in this heady emotional journey.

Coming to “I’ve been walking through a world gone blind / Can’t stop thinking of your diamond mind,” we see a juxtaposition. Her world feels blind, perhaps indicating the insignificance of everyone else, and her infatuation’s mind is referred to as a diamond, suggesting it’s precious, clear, and possibly multifaceted. The phrase, “careful creature made friends with time / He left her lonely with a diamond mind,” throws some light on the ‘diamond-minded’ character – cautious, patient, but perhaps unattainable as it leaves the speaker ‘lonely’.

Finally, as the words “No fair,” are softly echoed, they encapsulate the singer’s perspective on this turbulent relationship – one that elicits profound emotional responses, but simultaneously sprinkles a feeling of despair, making it a slightly bitter experience. The song’s layers of meaning are woven together beautifully, showcasing Eilish’s craft in painting evocative, emotionally-charged visuals with her lyrics.

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