Dark Light

Released: 2019

Features: DaBaby

“My Oh My” by Camila Cabello featuring DaBaby is a sizzling pop number that celebrates the allure of the so-called “bad boy”. Here we have a narrative of forbidden attraction, where the protagonist steps out of her goody-two-shoes persona to appreciate and engage with the vivacity of the night life that rolls in with a ‘he comes alive at midnight’ guy.

The track kicks off with the repeated ‘My oh my’ as Camila presents us with a man who is a lover of good times, vibrant when the sun sets, and suspicious in the eyes of the matriarch. The lines ‘He’s only here for one thing, but (So am I)’ depict that, contrary to the usual notion, Camila is equally invested in the thrill of a no-strings-attached, spontaneous night. The black leather jacket and bad reputation are classic bad-boy staples that create a irresistible aura.

Camila takes us deeper into the narrative with ‘I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl, Tonight I don’t wanna be her’. The ‘good girl’ image is a societal expectation that Camila’s character has upheld her entire life but tonight, she wants a break from it – she’s yearning for something thrilling and non-conforming.

DaBaby, as the enticing bad boy of the story, comically affirms the daddy issues, ‘DaBaby make her forget what she learned from her daddy’. He doesn’t put her on pedestal like the rest, ‘I don’t be trippin on lil’ shawty, I let her do whatever she please’. The lyrics ‘She came with you and then left with me’ depict how she has willingly chosen the thrill he proposes over the vanilla flavor of the night. DaBaby’s verse reiterates the nonchalant, carefree vibe he represents and she is attracted to.

As the song winds down, the catchy phrase ‘My oh my’ echoes, driving home the excitement and uncertainty of diving into unchartered territories. The chorus, being reiterated, ‘They say he likes a good time…He’s only here for one thing but (so am I)’ solidifies the carnal attraction and shared pursuit of good times.

The final lines, ‘My momma doesn’t trust you baby, And my daddy doesn’t know you, no’ reveal the secretive nature of their relationship. The overall essence of ‘My Oh My’ captures the liberating experience of stepping away from societal expectations to indulge in merriment, even if it’s just for one night.

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