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Meaning of ‘HE KNOWS’ by ‘Camila Cabello’ feat. Lil Nas X

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Released: 2024

Features: Lil Nas X

The track “He Knows” captures Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X outlining a story of a tumultuous and intoxicating relationship. It’s a flirting game, a power game, and a journey where lust and control are the main drivers. Now, let’s disassemble this sultry pop banger.

When Camila repeats the phrase “I think he knows”, she’s suggesting that the man she’s singing about is aware of her intentions and the power she holds over him. The verses “When I play with him like that…have my way with him like that” indicates the kind of seductive playfulness she employs in the relationship.

Raunchier lyrics, like “He drippin’ down on my bustier like ice cream”, signal the unapologetic physical dimension of their relationship, explicitly showcasing the raw, visceral nature of their nocturnal escapades.

The line, “Let it rain on me” borrows from Ashanti’s classic R&B hit “Foolish”, adding a layer of nostalgia and cementing the song in the continuum of pop music that thrives on sensual expression.

Then we witness Lil Nas X’s lyrical contribution, evidently directed at a man. With lines like “I think he knows when I play with him like that, oh…He’s wrapped around my pinky finger”, Nas mirrors Cabello’s sentiment of directing the narrative, reiterating the power dynamics in these passionate relationships.

The hook, the “Brr, baow” is likely a playful, rhythmic sounding that reinforces the flirtatious, playful tone of the entire song. It’s all about toying with expectations, bending the rules, and revelling in the game of seduction.

In the grand scheme of pop, “He Knows” paints a picture of passion and control, embodying a brand of female and queer empowerment that’s unafraid to take charge. Bold, daring, and dripping with sensual energy, it’s a modern pop anthem that speaks a universal language of love, lust, and power.

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