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Meaning of ‘Life Goes On’ by ‘Ed Sheeran’ feat. Luke Combs

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Released: 2023Features: Luke Combs”Life Goes On” by Ed Sheeran, is a powerfully emotive track, steeped in melancholy and introspection. It speaks about the fragility of love, the enduring pain of loss, and the struggle to continue when someone central to your existence is no longer there.

The lyrics kick off with “It hit like a train” which signifies an abrupt and intense emotional impact, like a loss or a breakup. The phrase “Everything hurts” and “And I know love leads to pain” underscores the emotional toll of love and how it can lead to heartbreak.

The recurring phrase “How my life goes on with you gone” is a profound question about how to find a way forward in the face of deep loss. The lyric “I’ll sink like a stone” further illustrates how heavy this emotional burden is, implying a sense of being dragged down by the weight of sorrow.

In the chorus, “Easy come, hard go” is a twist on the colloquial phrase “easy come, easy go,” suggesting that while love might come easily, its departure can be devastating. It’s a testament to the fact that the end of a relationship usually carries the heavier weight.

The lyric “I miss the flames/The heated reserve” reminisces about the fiery passion of love, the intense feelings that once were. The lyric “Just like tears in the rain” points towards the idea of concealed grief, much like how rain can hide tears, associating the loss with a quiet, hidden sorrow rather than an outwardly expressive one.

Throughout the track, Sheeran uses weather imagery to symbolize his emotional state, with phrases like “the waves came tumbling down”, “the storms will roll”, and “a constant grey in the clouds”. These lyrics evoke a sense of turbulent emotions and a foreboding sense of sadness, painting a picture of emotional turmoil that mirrors the chaos of a storm.

Overall, “Life Goes On” by Ed Sheeran, featuring Luke Combs, is a deeply touching song about love and loss, and the daily struggle to cope with the void that follows the departure of a loved one. The lyrics are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the relentless march of time, and the inherent fragility of human emotions.

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