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Meaning of ‘Antisocial’ by ‘Ed Sheeran’ feat. Travis Scott

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Released: 2019Features: Travis ScottEd Sheeran’s track, “Antisocial” featuring Travis Scott, is a bold, impassioned anthem that champions the need for personal space and solitude in a society that’s often too invasive. The lyrics paint a compelling picture of a protagonist who’s carving out an autonomous zone amidst the deafening chaos of the social world.

The first verse establishes the lead character’s craving for solitude. When Ed Sheeran sings “I don’t mess with your energy, no photos” and “Got my hat low, don’t talk to me,” it signifies his preference to maintain his privacy, not allowing others to infringe upon his personal space.

The recurrent chorus “Don’t touch me, I came to vibe, yeah”, accentuates this theme of keeping to oneself, highlighting the main character’s desire to simply exist and vibe without interference. ‘Vibe’ here essentially means to exist in a particular mental or emotional state.

In the second verse, Travis Scott’s lyrics, “I need room, I need room. Where you standin’ way too close” work to further stress the point of a needed personal bubble. The line, “You left me right in my place.” suggests a feeling of being stranded or isolated. The ‘outer space’ metaphor signifies an emotional disconnection, a sense of being lost and needing time alone to regroup.

Ultimately, “Antisocial” is a fascinating exploration of an individual’s need for solitude in a world that often doesn’t provide it. The lyrics serve as a manifesto for anyone who’s fighting to maintain their space and agency amidst the swirling, relentless pressures of society.

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