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Released: 2024

Features: Isaiah Rashad

“Karma” by SiR featuring Isaiah Rashad is a textured tapestry of reflection and introspection, layered with the realignment of self amidst the trials of fame, the recklessness of youth, and the inescapable nature of karma. The track dives deep into the personal journeys of SiR and Isaiah Rashad, using vivid imagery and raw honesty to paint a picture of their respective struggles with the consequences of their actions and the realization that past decisions have a way of shaping one’s future.

The song starts with SiR offering a glimpse into his upbringing and the shift he’s observed in his life since gaining recognition. “Jackie youngest baby, I been crazy since the sixth grade” signals his acknowledgment of his roots and the innate wildness he’s had since youth. The “Full clip on my mental, too official for your mixtape” line asserts his lyrical prowess and depth of thought, which he feels surpasses the superficial layers often found in mixtapes. The imagery of “paint[ing] a picture so wavy the boat bends” suggests his ability to create scenarios and narratives so vivid and powerful that they defy reality. However, SiR also notes the toll that his dedication to his art and the resulting fame take on him, metaphorically “burning the candle at both ends.”

As the song progresses, SiR reflects on simpler times and his ambivalence towards the attention his success has brought him. His struggle with keeping promises and treating relationships as disposable (“Ooh, I need to stop treating hoes like I need ’em”) is candidly addressed, signifying a moment of self-awareness and critique. The chorus, “Karma coming and it’s prolly gon’ be bad for me,” serves as a haunting reminder that actions have consequences, and the lifestyle choices he’s made might soon catch up with him.

Isaiah Rashad’s verse adds another layer of complexity, intertwining themes of desire, excess, and the search for meaning. Rashad’s introspection, paired with references to materialism and fleeting pleasures, echoes the song’s overarching theme of reckoning with oneself. Lines like “Young, young, young Chevrolet Shad yelling ‘Heaven ain’t hard'” and “Got a hoe with new jaw” speak to the juxtaposition of seeking heavenly peace while indulging in earthly desires. His admission of recklessness and the cyclic nature of his actions (“It make a young nigga reckless and reckless and reckless and reckless and, aw, shit”) further emphasizes the internal conflict both artists grapple with.

In essence, “Karma” is a profoundly introspective track that lays bare the consequences of living uninhibitedly, the pressures of fame, and the internal struggle for betterment. SiR and Isaiah Rashad navigate the complexities of their lives with stark honesty and vulnerability, making “Karma” not just a song, but a mirror reflecting the personal cost of their choices. Through its candid lyrics and compelling narrative, “Karma” urges listeners to reflect on their own journeys and consider the weight of their actions in the grand tapestry of life.

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