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Meaning of ‘BLUE’ by ‘Billie Eilish’

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Released: 2024

“BLUE” by Billie Eilish, digs deep into layers of emotion, painting a picture of heartache, regret, and sadness. She uses the metaphor of color, specifically blue, to symbolize her feelings and state of mind.

The lyrics “I try to live in black and white, but I’m so blue” introduces this theme. Black and white usually represent clear-cut situations, simplicity, or straightforwardness. But “blue” typically signifies sadness or depression in pop culture. This reveals her struggle to live a straightforward life amidst overwhelming sadness.

She revisits this metaphor in the chorus, “And I’m still so blue”. This is her admitting she’s still haunted by sadness despite her attempts to move on. The repetitive use of the word “blue” emphasizes just how deep this emotion runs.

When she sings, “You were born bluer than a butterfly / Beautiful and so deprived of oxygen”, she’s likely describing someone she cares for deeply. By comparing their sorrow (blue) to a butterfly, she could imply they’re beautifully tragic, but the lack of oxygen suggests they’re suffocating, struggling to survive in their situation.

The lines, “I don’t blame you / But I can’t change you / Don’t hate you / But we can’t save you” speak to Billie’s acceptance that she can’t influence this person’s situation or their inherent sadness. By repeating the phrase in different verses, Billie emphasizes her feelings of helplessness and resignation.

Within the gloomy atmosphere of the song, she introduces the phrase “It’s over now”. This could signify endings – perhaps a relationship or a phase of her life but it also indicates a hint of relief, as if she’s ready to move on from whatever is making her feel “blue”.

Lastly, Billie evokes curiosity with “But when can I hear the next one?”. This could reference her desire for understanding what comes next, maybe in her life or her relationship. This shows even amidst the overwhelming “blue”, there’s still a glimmer of anticipation for the future.

Thus, “BLUE” skillfully communicates complex emotions through color metaphors and imagery. It takes listeners on a journey through sadness, resignation, and eventually, the anticipation of a new beginning, making it a soul-stirring pop masterpiece.

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