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Meaning of ‘Hero’ by ‘David Kushner’

Dark Light

Released: 2024

“Hero” by David Kushner is a compelling narrative of a protagonist grappling with a transformation from a celebrated figure to an antagonist in someone else’s narrative. This pop ballad expresses the anguish of ruined love, where one is left as the villain in the aftermath. The lyrics depict a strong emotional journey often experienced in failed relationships.

The song kicks off with the protagonist questioning the nature of their actions – “Some people sin, Some people don’t”. The use of ‘sin’ in this context refers metaphorically to the protagonist’s actions that lead to the fallout. They are also looking back at their relationship which was fragile – ‘What we had was thin’ and couldn’t withstand the pressures ‘So we couldn’t survive ‘.

The highlight of the song shows up in the chorus, “I was the hero, but you get the glory, Now I’m the villain inside of your story”. In pop music ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ are often used to describe character roles in relationships. Here, the speaker feels wronged, once adored but now painted as the ‘bad guy’.

The line “Walking through Heaven, I’m walking through flames” communicates the highs and lows of a relationship, implying a drastic change from a blissful state to a tormented one. And in “If this is what love brings, Maybe I’ll wait”, the speaker expresses their reluctance to jump into another relationship, reflecting their scarred heart.

The final verse “I bled, I bled for free, Your wretched victory, I bled, I bled for free, Gave every part of me”, brings a raw sentiment to the song. ‘Bleeding for free’ signifies their futile attempts at salvaging the relationship, the pain of their efforts being overlooked.

The genius of this song lies in its unapologetic exploration of the dark side of love. Kushner crafts a narrative that listeners can deeply resonate with—whether they are the ‘villains’ of a story or simply surviving the aftermath of a failed relationship.

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