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Meaning of ‘Glittery’ by ‘Kacey Musgraves’ feat. Troye Sivan

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Released: 2019

Features: Troye Sivan

“Glittery – From The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show” is an endearing ballad that doubles as a festive love letter. Kacey Musgraves together with Troye Sivan have spun a romantic Yuletide yarn filled with metaphorical language and peppered with holiday cheer.

The song kicks off with Musgraves comparing the excitement her lover brings to being shaken up like a “snow globe”. This playful simile wonderfully captures that intoxicating whirl of emotions that love can stir up. It’s not just about being turned ‘upside down’, it’s also about the beautiful chaos that ensues, much like the glitter swirling inside a snow globe.

The chorus that follows is brimming with Christmas references which serve as metaphors for love. “You light me up like starlight on a Christmas tree” and “Every single kiss is like a gift to me”, they’re painting a vivid picture of a love that’s as magical and exciting as Christmas morning. The repetition of these lines emphasize the warmth and comfort provided by the presence of their partner in their lives.

The next part, “And I love the way you decorate my heart” repurposes the familiar holiday activity of decorating a Christmas tree, turning it into a deeper emotional statement. It beautifully articulates how their lover has adorned their heart with love and affection, much like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

In the verse “Winter is so grey, feels like the ice is here to stay/But when you look at me, know you melt it all away”, we get a stark contrast between the outside world and the inner world that the lovers share. The grey, icy winter is a symbol for loneliness or maybe even despair, but the warmth of the lover’s gaze is enough to “melt it all away”. It’s a poignant reminder of the transformative power of love.

And finally, we circle back to the title and overarching theme of the song – “Glittery”. This word sums up the type of love the song is about – it’s sparkling, it’s exciting, it’s special, and it lights up their world like nothing else.

Through the vivid, festive metaphors and heartfelt lyrics, Musgraves and Sivan manage to encapsulate the charming rush of falling in love, especially during the holiday season. “Glittery” is a testament to love’s power to warm the coldest of winters and brighten the greyest of days.

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