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Meaning of ‘Forever’ by ‘Loreen’

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Released: 2024

“Forever” by Loreen is a heartfelt testament to the sheer power of love. It’s a poetic song that speaks to the desire to be enveloped by an all-consuming love that transcends time and outlasts even the harshest of worldly realities.

Our story here kicks off with a color-drenched sky “floating above a sea of gray” – Loreen’s awash in her emotions, her love that transforms even the gloomiest scenes into an array of vibrant colors. The sea of gray here’s life itself, often a drab and monotonous existence which gets a magical uplift when love strolls in. She’s “in an ocean of us” – deep in this shared journey of love.

In the chorus, the line “You make me feel like forever, ooh, oh” is potent – it paints a picture of a love that’s seemingly eternal. She’s pleading for love, for a connection that consumes her and makes her feel less alone in this world. Loreen’s caught in a whirlwind of passion so intense that she describes it as “a moment of wild obsession” – the kind of love that merges two people so deeply, they practically get under each other’s skin.

Repeatedly asking for love, Loreen illustrates a common human longing for connection and intimacy. It’s a hunger that’s almost desperate but beautifully so. With each “Give me love, come on, hold me” – she yearns for an all-enveloping closeness that can eclipse all feelings of loneliness.

In conclusion, “Forever” is a lyrical homage to the timeless allure of love. It’s a plea, a mighty yearning for a love that engulfs all, sustains all, and makes life an endless, colorful journey against the backdrop of a gray world.

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