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Meaning of ‘Empty’ by ‘Martin Garrix’ feat. DubVision, Jaimes

Dark Light

Released: 2024

Features: DubVision, Jaimes

“Empty” by Martin Garrix, featuring DubVision and Jaimes, is a somber and profound exploration of an individual’s internal struggle and feelings of emptiness. The song lays bare the disillusionment and loneliness to an extent that’s almost palpable. It serves as a stark reminder of the silent battles people often fight, and the façades they put up in an attempt to hide their inner strife.

To kick-start, the opening lines “I’m stuck in this state of mind/Draining every stream of light” reveal a struggle with negative emotions, akin to being trapped in a dark place from which all happiness and positivity seem to be siphoned off. The phrase “draining every stream of light” serves as a metaphor for feeling bereft of hope or joy. It’s pretty deep stuff from our EDM golden boy.

When Garrix croons, “Don’t know if I’m still alive/Only dark skies on the border”, he touches on the theme of existential crisis. The phrase “only dark skies on the border” underpins a scenario where one is teetering on the edge of despair, depicting a boundary between their old self and the person they have become.

The chorus, “So don’t you try to save me, it’s not worth the fight… Don’t reach for my heart, it’s empty inside”, conveys an adamant refusal to let anyone penetrate the shield of isolation the singer has erected. This statement, layered with emotional fatigue, suggests a belief that any attempt at change or redemption is futile. The repeated phrase “It’s empty inside” underscores the state of emotional barrenness the singer feels.

The phrase “Dreams, nothing’s ever what it seems/Trapped inside this make-believe” throws a spotlight on the contrast between reality and illusion, emphasizing the pain masked by external appearances. It’s a critique on the often deceptive nature of outward appearances.

Ultimately, “Empty” by Martin Garrix, featuring DubVision and Jaimes, is a brave foray into the raw vulnerability that lurks beneath the surface gloss of life. It’s a hauntingly beautiful piece that grapples with themes of inner turmoil, emotional depletion, and superficiality, making it a distinctive gem in the realm of pop music that often tends towards more feel-good, sugar-coated narratives.

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