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Meaning of ‘Easy Lover’ by ‘Ellie Goulding’ feat. Big Sean

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Released: 2022

Features: Big Sean

Welcome to the fascinating world of Ellie Goulding and Big Sean’s complex pop hit, “Easy Lover.” At its core, this track is an anguished exploration of a tumultuous relationship, marked by the continuous cycle of break-ups and make-ups, desire and denial, love and pain, playing out in a bittersweet symphony of electric beats.

Starting off with the somber tone of the opening lines, Goulding laments the struggle of love. “It was never easy, lover, When you’ve given all you had to each other” echoes the ceaseless ordeal of selflessness in a relationship, finally leading to emotional exhaustion. Goulding’s narration also reflects a fleeting defiance against falling into the same pattern again, with “I just wanted you to pull for me closer, Yet you always seemed to go even further.” It’s a clear illustration of a lover yearning for closeness but facing continual distance.

The chorus, “Easy lover, Keep it cool on me, Don’t be cruel to me” paints the turmoil of one part expecting a casual relationship, while still feeling the sting of previous heartbreaks. The protagonist’s plea for an ‘easy lover’, and their insistence on not being hurt again contrasts the complexity of their emotions—a classic paradox, if you will.

Big Sean’s verse introduces a new angle to the saga. With lines like “You think you’re better off without me but it isn’t fact” and “I made mistakes you can’t say that I repeated I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t need ya”, Big Sean expresses vulnerability, remorse, and a tacit acknowledgment of the mistakes he’s made. It’s as if he’s on a redemption arc, but the chronicles of his actions suggest otherwise, further enriching the narrative complexity.

As the song progresses, Ellie’s repeated cry for an ‘easy lover’ becomes increasingly apparent, and yet the sense of desperation seems to increase, especially with “This gone too far and too deep, I can’t sleep, I’m still foolishly in love with you.” It’s a well-painted picture of the emotional abyss that an imbalanced relationship can spiral into.

Overall, “Easy Lover” is a blistering exposition of a complicated relationship. The repetitive nature of the mistakes and choices in the lyrics reflects the cyclical nature of their romance, accentuating the helplessness and desperation embedded within. Amid the pulsating beats and entrancing melodies, these lyrics highlight the raw and chaotic side of love, echoing the sentiments of countless souls caught in the whirlwind of romance.

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