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Released: 2016

“Still Falling For You” by Ellie Goulding from the movie “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, is essentially a poetic ballad about unyielding love. Goulding paints a passionate and enduring picture of love, exploring its complexities, and the emotions of constant attraction despite the trials and tribulations faced over time.

She kickstarts the narrative with “Fire ‘n’ ice / This love is like fire ‘n’ ice” suggesting the love she experiences manifests as a dance of opposites, filled with passion (fire) and cold indifference (ice). In the repeated chorus “Still falling for you”, Goulding emphasizes that regardless of the mixture of emotions, her love and attraction persist. In the metaphorical lines “This love is like rain and blue skies”, one can construe love as both the elating ‘blue skies’ and the melancholic ‘rain’, reiterating the multifaceted nature of it.

Transitioning to the lines “Your heart got a story with mine / Your heart got me hurtin’ at times / Your heart gave me new kind of highs”, Goulding celebrates the shared history, the highs and lows, strengthening her bond with her beau. Furthermore, the metaphor “This love shinin’ brighter than gold” underscores the worth and value she attaches to their relationship.

Her acknowledgment of the individual growth and lessons learned from this relationship is clearly seen in “It took us a while ’cause we were young and unsure / With love on the line / What if we both would need more?”. The lyrics “But all your flaws and scars are mine” underscore acceptance, signifying that she embraces her partner’s imperfections.

“Falling, crash into my arms / Love you like this like a first kiss / Never let go” taps into the joyous recklessness of new love and the yearning to keep that spark alive. The song’s finale reiterates initial emotions with “No one can lift me, catch me, the way that you do /I’m still falling for you”, highlighting the uniqueness and importance of this relationship to her. The repetition of “I’m Still Falling for You” throughout the song emphasizes the sustained momentum of her love irrespective of the circumstances or how much time has passed.

In summary, “Still Falling For You” is more than a love song; it delves into the depth of an enduring romantic relationship, giving space for the reality of struggles, nurturing acceptance, and cherishing the beauty of continuous love. Goulding’s heartfelt lyrics beautifully capture the roller coaster that is love, where the thrill of the ride makes every fall worth it.

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