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Released: 2020Features: KAYTRANADA”Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, featuring KAYTRANADA, is a vibrant celebration of self-renewal and independence after a heartbreak. It embodies the spirit of picking up the pieces and moving on in life, with a lyrical defiance to the past, portrayed in the form of a dance anthem.

The opening verse, “Did a full 180, crazy / Thinking ’bout the way I was / Did the heartbreak change me?” introduces us to a protagonist who has transformed after the end of a relationship. The “full 180” is a nod to a complete turnaround in her attitude and self-perception. She questions if the heartbreak was the cause of this change, affirming that it might have indeed played a role.

However, the assertive “I’m all good already / So moved on, it’s scary / I’m not where you left me at” signals a declaration of independence, of emerging stronger and completely transformed from the experience. She’s dancing again, a symbol of her newfound joy and liberation.

The chorus goes like “Don’t show up / Don’t come out / Don’t start caring about me now / Walk away, you know how”. Here, she’s talking directly to her ex, essentially saying, ‘too little, too late’. She doesn’t want any more involvement from her past lover’s side, implying that they had their chance, and it’s way past time to start showing concern about her now. The ‘walk away’ line is a stern directive, cementing her stand of moving on.

The line “Aren’t you the guy who, tried to / Hurt me with the word “goodbye”? / Though it took some time to survive you / I’m better on the other side” is an acknowledgement of the pain her relationship caused her, but also a triumphant statement of her current state of happiness. She has survived the heartbreak and emerged stronger.

As the song continues with “Don’t show up (don’t show up) / Don’t come out (don’t come out) / Don’t start caring about me now (’bout me now) / Walk away, walk away”, the repetition boosts its power and emphasis. She’s reiterating and reinforcing her position with added conviction.

Conclusively, “Don’t Start Now (Kaytranada Remix)” is Dua Lipa’s defiant anthem of independence and strength post-breakup. It’s an outlaw ballad for the modern pop lover, with a dash of sass. Despite its upbeat, dance-worthy vibe, the lyrics tell a tale of overcoming heartbreak with resilience and emerging stronger on the other side.

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