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Meaning of ‘CHIHIRO’ by ‘Billie Eilish’

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Released: 2024

“CHIHIRO” by Billie Eilish dives deep into the narrative of love and disappointment. The song seems to be spinning a tale of a relationship that began with promise but ended in heartache. Billie uses the metaphor of a door to symbolize opening up to someone and also explores themes of identity and recognition.

The line “To take my love away…” suggests that the singer feels that her love was rejected. A repeated phrase “When I come back around, will I know what to say?” perhaps indicates that she hopes for a second chance, even though she anticipates not knowing how to handle the situation.

Another significant phrase “Saw your seat at the counter when I looked away, Saw you turn around, but it wasn’t your face” likely denotes an unexpected change in the persona of the loved one. The singer then declares “I don’t know you at all” showing her struggle to recognize the person she had feelings for.

The part where Billie sings “When you told me it was serious. Were you serious?”, suggests confusion and doubt about their past time together. Her questioning also hints at a sense of deceit.

The recurring line “Can you open up the door?” is a cry for connection and understanding. It represents a yearning for the other person to reveal their true self and intentions, a common theme in many relationships.

Finally, the lyrics “And they tell me it’s all been a trap, And you don’t know if you’ll make it back, I said, “No, don’t say that”” suggests the realization of a deeper pain or betrayal. The truth hurts, but Billie disagrees or refuses to accept it fully, hence “No, don’t say that”.

Overall, “CHIHIRO” by Billie Eilish is a brooding exploration of love, trust, and the inevitable pain when these things fall apart.

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