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Meaning of ‘Attitude’ by ‘Don Toliver’ feat. Charlie Wilson, Cash Cobain

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Released: 2024

Features: Charlie Wilson, Cash Cobain

“Attitude” by Don Toliver, with features from Charlie Wilson and Cash Cobain, is a no-holds-barred exploration of the rapper’s changed lifestyle due to his rise in wealth. The artist draws stark contrasts between his before-fame struggles and his current luxurious life, while emphasizing the need for ambition and determination. The common thread through the song is Toliver’s insistence on his ‘attitude’ adjusting with his improved financial status.

The lines “I need 20 mill’, make it cash for me (fuck it up)/I need me the Lamb’ with the ass on it (ah, ah, ah)” paints a picture of Toliver’s ambition and his love for the high-life, represented by his desire for a Lamborghini (or ‘the Lamb’ as he calls it) and a cool twenty million dollars in cash – a symbol of unfiltered wealth. His claim, “Ever since I got money, I got attitude”, makes his stance clear; money has influenced his behavior and he’s not afraid to admit it.

“Can’t be no broke, baby, I might get mad at you (oh) Can’t be no ho, nigga, I might just snatch your boo,” here Toliver shares how his newfound attitude doesn’t tolerate lack of ambition or financial struggle. He also warns others about possible consequences, including him swooping in on their girlfriends.

The verse,”All this shit that I got (got)/I got it straight out the pot/I gotta compete on her body/I’m makin’ it, makin’ it hot/Used to rock Polos and Pradas/Used to put grams in my sock/Used to fuck hoes on the corner/Now me and baby on a yacht” is a raw illustration of his past meets present. He talks about earning his wealth himself (‘straight out the pot’), his intimate encounters, his sartorial change after acquiring wealth, and his past struggles.

“Are you hard to get?/You-you-you know I’ll have you cummin’ again/I see you on the dance floor/Ooh, I want me some more…” Here, Toliver steps into a more flirtatious tone, hinting towards a sexual encounter with a potential interest. His confidence, again, bolstered by his newly accomplished wealth and status.

In conclusion, “Attitude” is a bold declaration from Don Toliver about his transformative journey from a struggling individual to a successful rapper, and how this journey has shaped his attitude towards life, women, and money. His lyrics are candid, confident, and reveal the rapper’s assertive perspective on his achievements and the attitude accompanying that success.

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