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Meaning of ‘serpentine’ by ‘renforshort’

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Released: 2024

We’re delving into “Serpentine” by renforshort, a deeply personal pop ballad that wrestles with self-discovery amidst the throes of a conflicting relationship. This intimate diary entry of a song grapples with the struggle of wanting to be alone while still harboring strong feelings for another.

Opening with “I think I’ll take the long way home / ‘Cause I never get the opportunity to walk alone”, renforshort sheds light on her desire for solitude, a personal journey of self-reflection. When she mentions sliding “our love into the pockets of my coat”, she’s hinting at trying to keep these feelings at bay, not discarding but momentarily setting them aside.

By saying “It’s not forever, it’s just a temporary fix / Oh, how I needed it”, she’s telling us that this personal journey is more about healing and less about pushing the love interest away. This need for introspection is further emphasized in the chorus, “I’m on the pathway along the serpentine / Hard to stay grounded when your thoughts are way too light / It doesn’t mean that you’re not heavy on my mind / I just need to think about me without you, sometimes”. Here, “serpentine” serves as a metaphor for a winding, often difficult path to self-discovery and growth.

The lyrics “It’s not like me to slow life down / I get scared of what I hide and how it finds its own way out” lay bare renforshort’s fears of facing what’s within her, establishing that slowing down scares her because it means confronting these emotions. The phrase “I keep tracing little circles going ’round, and ’round, and ’round” brilliantly captures a sense of ongoing internal struggle.

In the final verse, “Lately, I think too much / My head races, lost in the flood / But I love you, and I swear that I do”, she reiterates her affection despite her introspection journey, ending on a note of optimism and acceptance.

“Serpentine” is a brave pop anthem that explores learning to love oneself while balancing feelings for another. It’s about renforshort realizing that the path to understanding oneself can be equally important as maintaining a relationship.

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