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Harry Styles Albums: All Releases Ranked

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Alright, buckle up and get ready to dive deep into the world of Harry Styles and his incredible discography. This is not your average list, my friends. This is the Harry Styles Album: Top 3 List, where we celebrate the artistry, versatility, and sheer talent of this pop icon.

Harry Styles, the breakout star from the internationally beloved boy band One Direction, has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with as a solo artist. With his distinct blend of classic rock, pop sensibilities, and undeniable charisma, Styles has captured the hearts of fans all over the globe.

In this countdown, we will be exploring the cream of the crop in his discography: the albums that have solidified his status as one of the most exciting artists of our time. These albums have not only showcased Styles’ versatility but also his ability to push boundaries and create a sound uniquely his own.

First up on our list is the self-titled masterpiece “Harry Styles.” Released in 2017, this album marked Styles’ triumphant entrance into the music world as a solo artist. With tracks like “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature,” Styles proved that he was more than just a pretty face – he was a bona fide musical talent with the ability to captivate and move his listeners.

Next on the list is “Fine Line,” Styles’ second studio album released in 2019. This album catapulted him into a new level of stardom, showcasing his growth as an artist and songwriter. From the infectious melodies of “Watermelon Sugar” to the introspective balladry of “Falling,” “Fine Line” is a masterpiece that reveals Styles’ ability to command and experiment with different genres seamlessly.

Last but certainly not least, we have “Harry’s House,” an album that turned heads and broke boundaries upon its release. This album showcased a more experimental side of Styles, with its genre-bending tracks and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s a testament to Styles’ fearless approach to his craft and solidified his status as a true musical innovator.

So let’s get into it. From the soulful vibes of “Harry Styles” to the kaleidoscopic journey of “Fine Line” and the audacious experimentation of “Harry’s House,” here are the Harry Styles Albums. Get ready to be blown away by the talent, charisma, and boundless creativity of this pop music icon.

25. Harry Styles ( May 2017 )

Ah, now we’re diving into the self-titled debut album from the charming maverick himself—Harry Styles. Released on May 12, 2017, this record sent shockwaves through the pop music scene and solidified Harry’s status as a force to be reckoned with. With influences ranging from classic rock to folk, Harry Styles created a sonically diverse and impeccably crafted body of work.

From the infectious rock anthem “Sign of the Times” to the gritty, soulful “Kiwi,” each track on this album showcases Harry’s artistic growth and versatility. He fearlessly experiments with different sounds, effortlessly blending elements of vintage rock and modern pop. His honest and introspective lyricism adds an extra layer of depth and relatability to this already stellar record.

Harry Styles’ self-titled album not only captivated audiences but also proved that he is a musical powerhouse with a distinctive voice capable of transcending genres. With this album, Harry firmly established himself as a solo artist to be reckoned with, leaving us eager for more of his incredible talent.

24. Fine Line ( Dec 2019 )

Released in December 2019, Harry Styles’ second solo album, “Fine Line,” is a certified masterpiece that solidifies his status as a pop music icon. With its intoxicating blend of rock, pop, and psychedelic influences, this album takes listeners on a sonic journey like no other. From the infectious hooks of “Watermelon Sugar” to the introspective balladry of “Falling,” Styles showcases his range as an artist. The album’s standout track, “Adore You,” is a testament to his songwriting prowess, with its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. “Fine Line” not only showcases Styles’ undeniable talent but also proves his ability to push the boundaries of pop music with his experimental sound. It’s a record that will stand the test of time and leave fans craving for more.

23. Harry’s House ( May 2022 )

Harry’s House is the third official album from the English vocalist and lyricist Harry Styles. Unveiled on 20 May 2022 through Columbia Records in collaboration with Erskine, this compilation was predominantly penned and produced between 2020 and 2021, marking it as Styles’ most reflective piece to date.

We’ve also cherry picked out his top songs in the Harry Styles Songs List if all you want to do is listen to his bangers.

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