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Best Usher Songs: Ranking the Hits

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In his illustrious career spanning over two decades, Usher Raymond IV, universally known as Usher, has delivered chart-topping hits after hits, leaving a remarkable imprint on the landscape of pop music. His unique blend of R&B, soul, and dance-pop, often interspersed with lush harmonies and slick productions, has become his signature move, roping in millions of fans worldwide. This list is a comprehensive dive into those hits, charting Usher’s meteoric rise to fame and cementing his status as a musical force to be reckoned with.

In the array of Usher’s discography, we find everything from the monumental “Confessions Part II” to the sultry notes of “Seduction”. We encounter the euphoric “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull)” and the devastating confessionals of “U Got It Bad”. His collaborations with star-studded peers like Monica, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross have added fresh inflections to his music, always keeping fans on their toes while cementing his position in pop’s stratosphere.

Usher’s artistry unfolded masterfully over his albums, each one becoming an epoch in his career. “8701” showcased his maturing artistry and songwriting abilities while “Confessions” shattered records, making Usher a household name. His work never shied away from experimentation, blending diverse influences such as soul, hip hop, and electronic music, while always remaining authentically Usher. The sheer range of his work, from his tender love ballads to all-out party anthems, is a testament to his longevity, versatility, and immense talent.

So let’s get into it. From “That’s What It’s Made For” to “Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)”, here are the Top 39 Usher Songs Ranked from Worst to Best.

35. Can U Handle It?

Landing at number 27 in our ranking is “Can U Handle It?” from Usher’s diamond-certified magnum opus, ‘Confessions’. The track is pure, concentrated Usher – sultry and smooth with a dash of vulnerability. Penned by the indomitable Robin Thicke and crafted by the genius producer duo, The Neptunes, it exemplifies Usher’s ability to spin romantic anticipation into pure auditory gold. Mind you, it doesn’t possess the visceral punch of his chart-topping hits, but it’s an intimate slow-burning seduction that hits deeper. It showcases Usher’s strength as a vocalist, painting a vivid picture of yearning and intimacy. As a deeper cut on one of pop music’s most seminal albums, “Can U Handle It?” undeniably has its charm, even if it can’t outshine Usher’s more iconic hits.

34. Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross)

Coming in at number 32, we have “Lemme See,” a track that features the larger-than-life talent of Rick Ross. Released as part of Usher’s seventh studio album, “Looking 4 Myself”, the song offers up a tantalizing combination of Usher’s sleek, smooth vocals with Ross’ gruff, unfiltered rap verses. The tune, while not scaling the lofty heights of Usher’s classic hits, is still a solid entry in his discography with its catchy hooks and confident delivery. It must be noted, however, that the song doesn’t push any boundaries. The instrumental backdrop is a familiar mix of R&B and hip hop beats, and the lyrical content falls into standard fare. Yet, Usher’s charm and Ross’ brashness merge well enough to make “Lemme See” a notable listen.

33. Bad Habits

“Bad Habits,” coming in at 33 in our rankings, speaks volumes about Usher’s ability to weave rich melodies while delivering lyrics that paint a vivid visual. This gem, from his 2020 album ‘Confessions Part III’, showcases a more mature Usher grappling with his vices and giving us honest reflections. The song’s lush production underscores his vocal performance, which delivers raw emotion in every line. However, although Usher’s voice is as silky as ever, the track falls short in its repetitiveness and lack of dynamic range, making it less memorable than his other hits. It’s a solid piece but hardly a standout in his vast catalog. Not bad, but not Usher at his finest.

32. Trading Places

Coming in at 31, “Trading Places” is an audacious offering that oozes with Usher’s typical gloss and sexual bravado, but somehow, it slips quietly under the radar in his expansive discography. The track shines a seductive light on role reversal, a salacious dance of power, and control that’s deftly complimented by a polished, R&B production. However, it lacks the hook, the knockout chorus that have made other Usher songs pop anthems. But like a fine wine, this track has aged well, maturing into a cult classic among R&B circles. It’s no “Yeah!”, but it holds its own, proving once again Usher’s innate ability to push boundaries while delivering downright groovy tunes.

31. GLU

“GLU” finds Usher leaning into his sensual side, the song is like the pop-R&B equivalent of a candlelit dinner. However, even with its expertly produced slow burn, it doesn’t quite hit the heights of Usher’s most iconic sexy slow jams. The song cries out for a killer hook that never quite materializes, leaving it feeling a tad unfinished. Ultimately, while “GLU” showcases Usher’s immaculate vocals and knack for a velvety ballad, it doesn’t make the same impact as his more commanding hits. A bit like the romantic guy who’s just a little too nice, “GLU” is pleasant but not very exciting. It’s Usher on autopilot, and Usher on autopilot is still better than most, but we’ve seen him in finer form.

30. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) (feat. Plies)

Rolling in at number 32 on our list is “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home),” a track that sees Usher teaming up with rapper Plies. Released in 2009 as the lead single from Usher’s sixth studio album “Raymond v. Raymond”, this jam caused quite a stir in the pop music scene. The track is a slick mix of R&B and hip-hop, sprinkled with Usher’s velvety smooth vocals and Plies’ gritty rap sequences. It’s an intoxicating musical cocktail that had us grooving but, let’s face it, it’s no “U Remind Me” or “Yeah!”. Sure, it’s catchy and you could bop along to it, but it lacked the depth and soul that we’ve come to expect from Mr. Raymond. Even so, “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” remains a fun detour in Usher’s extensive discography.

29. My Way

Coming in at number 28, “My Way,” the title track from Usher’s sophomore studio album, represents a confident stride into pop superstardom. When Jermaine Dupri and Usher hit the studio in ’97, the pop landscape was still grooving to boy bands and alt-rock – but our man Usher was finessing his own kind of magic. “My Way” melds that infectious pop sensibility with Usher’s R&B crooning, earmarking a sweet and sultry declaration of independence. It may not be his greatest hit, but it sure as hell lit the fuse to his explosive career. With smooth dance moves matching his velvet vocals, Usher announced he wasn’t just here to play, he was here to slay — and ‘My Way’ is the proof.

28. Good Kisser

“Good Kisser,” a 2014 Usher jam, flips the script on your regular club banger. Coming off as a sun-soaked homage to funky bass riffs and irresistible hooks, it’s a track that oozes old-school R&B charm while also incorporating a modern pop sensibility. Usher’s vocals sizzle, as he dishes out flirtatious lyrics, but it’s the funky backbone of the track that truly sets it apart. It may not have topped the charts like “Yeah!” or “Burn,” but “Good Kisser” is a hidden gem in Usher’s discography that deserves its accolades. True aficionados will tell you, this track’s got the groove, the vibe, and most importantly, the chops to be a real standout.

27. Don’t Waste My Time (feat. Ella Mai)

“Dust off your dancing shoes for number 24 on our list – Usher’s groove-infused “Don’t Waste My Time”, featuring Ella Mai. This delightfully jazzy duet marries Usher’s smooth, assured vocal delivery with the sultry warmth of Ella Mai’s performance. It emanates a clear message – life’s too short for flaky love. Props to Ella Mai who brings a fresh and sprightly energy, effortlessly complementing Usher’s seasoned rhythm & blues charm. Still, despite its funky undertones and standout features, “Don’t Waste My Time” falls short of Usher’s more commanding works, largely due to its somewhat predictable production. Nonetheless, it’s a breezy listen and offers a fascinating glimpse into Usher’s maturity as an artist.

26. There Goes My Baby

“Off the bat, “There Goes My Baby” may not be Usher’s most iconic moment, but it’s a veritable masterclass in understated R&B. Dwelling on #19 in our list, it’s sonic silk and pure romance, a departure from the high-energy, heart-pounding tracks Usher was churning out around the time. Released from his sixth studio album, “Raymond v. Raymond,” it set a benchmark for modern mid-tempo R&B. Usher’s vocals are seductive and raw, capturing an emotional sincerity often missing in pop. The appeal of this track lies in its simplicity and elegance, a testament to Usher’s versatility. While not a bold, headline-stealing hit, it is a testament to Usher’s range and mastery of his craft.

25. No Limit (feat. Young Thug)

“No Limit”, Usher’s collaboration with the maverick wordsmith Young Thug, is a bizarre but thrilling trip that exists somewhere between Atlanta’s hyperactive trap scene and the silky boudoir vibes of Usher’s 2000s heyday. The track borrows from the world of trap but filters it through Usher’s own brand of polished, sexy smoothness. It’s an absolute smasher that sees Usher pushing the boundaries of his own music, proving he’s still got plenty to offer the pop world. Young Thug’s verse is definitely otherworldly, confirming the hitmaker’s notorious reputation for transmuting hip hop norms into something completely fresh and exciting. However, the song’s real power comes from Usher’s chorus – a king’s return to his throne, in a world he’s been away from for far too long.

24. Confessions

Coming in at number 17 on our list, “Confessions” is one of Usher’s crowning achievements. Released as the title track of his game-changing 2004 album, the track finds our R&B hero straddling the line between redemption and revelry. The track is a delectable mix of vulnerability, betrayal, and guilt, served up with a side of stone-cold grooves. The production, courtesy of Jermaine Dupri, is the definition of mid-2000s R&B greatness, and Usher’s vocals have never been more earnest. Convincing the world he was singing about his real-life infidelity (though it was actually Dupri’s experience), Usher gave us a pop soap opera moment for the ages with this tune.

23. Bad Girl

{“Bad Girl”: Ready for a trip down memory lane? Let’s dip into Usher’s 2004 magnum opus, “Confessions.” You’ve got “Bad Girl”, a sultry R&B track that’s as smooth as aged bourbon. The tune is a bouncy ode to the type of women Usher typically falls for, replete with lyrics boasting about his irresistible charm. While it’s not the strongest in his catalog, it’s an infectious R&B gem that exemplifies Usher’s penchant for storytelling, effortlessly blending cocky bravado with a layered exploration of desire. Its mid-tier ranking is more a testament to Usher’s overall quality than any real flaw with this jewel. Sure, “Bad Girl” may not be Usher’s finest moment, but, honey, it’s the kind of filler other artists would kill for.}

22. Climax

Finding itself in the upper echelons of our Usher countdown, “Climax” is a chilling lyrical showdown that launched the singer into the stratosphere of progressive R&B. As if by moonlight, Usher’s soulful croons waft over Diplo’s minimalist, icy beat like an Arctic wind, chilling us to the bone even as it melts our hearts. Usher doesn’t just sing here, he begs, pleads, and writhes in emotional turmoil. The track is a sonic exploration of the familiar heartbreak territory, but Usher’s vocal delivery elevates it to a sublime level. He rejects regular heartbreak and ratchets it up into something more – an emotional apocalypse. Sadly, it’s a sonic terrain he hasn’t revisited often enough.

21. Boyfriend

Coming in as the 19th hit in our parade of Usher’s best jams, we’ve landed on the silky smooth tune “Boyfriend”. Man, do you remember this joint? Usher was just feeling his vibes, communicating his need for companionship with a sonic elegance that’s hard to resist. Now, while this track may not have achieved the chart-topping status of some of his other bangers, let’s not get it twisted. With its velvety vocals, subtly catchy hooks, and that quintessential Usher charm, “Boyfriend” proves it can hang with the big guns. Maybe not a pop crown jewel, but definitely a noteworthy gem in Usher’s discography. Here’s to “Boyfriend”, a song that keeps you swaying even years after its release.

20. U Don’t Have to Call

Ah, “U Don’t Have to Call.” It’s your one-way ticket to Usher’s early 2000s dominance as he was finding his lane in the pop and R&B crossroads. Produced by none other than Pharrell Williams – yeah, the Pharrell (remember N.E.R.D.?) – the song is defined by its breezy, infectious upbeat instrumentation perfectly complementing Usher’s storyline about dealing with a break-up like a boss. It’s Usher dipping into his pop sensibilities, crafting an earworm of a chorus while delivering a mature message. It’s a pop-R&B luxury, showcasing Usher’s ability to pull off a sparkling, danceable track with emotional substance. A confident and assertive display of independence – proving even through the heartache, our man Usher will keep the party going. But be warned, it’s a bop that demands you move.

19. Love in This Club, Pt. II

Coming in at number 13 in our chart, we got “Love in This Club, Pt. II”, Usher’s sultry and pulsating duet with Beyoncé. The impact of Queen Bey’s vocal prowess and Usher’s smooth voice is undeniable, and when those two forces collide, it’s like a supernova of pop. Let’s not forget the slow-burning beat, courtesy of none other than Polow da Don, which brings an air of drama that sets the track off just right. However, compared to Usher’s most iconic hits, this one tends to hang back in the shadows. It’s a bonafide club banger sure, but lacks the depth and urgency of some of his more enduring tracks.

18. Caught Up

Snagging spot number 22 on our Usher hit list is “Caught Up” – a certified banger from his 2004 diamond-certified album ‘Confessions’. The ol’ magic that is Usher’s partnership with production duo Dre & Vidal shines here, churning out a golden track that’s pure pop and R&B alchemy. With its frenzied, infectiously kinetic beats, “Caught Up” captures that wild, whirlwind feeling of diving headlong into love’s intoxicating dance. Sure, the lyrics might not be Usher’s most poetic, but song’s high-energy, fast-paced groove has us too caught up in the rhythm to care. It’s not the chart-topper of ‘Confessions’, but without question, it’s still a bloody good tune worth being caught in.

17. Nice & Slow – Radio Version

Ah, “Nice & Slow”, a quintessential Usher track and number 23 on our chart. This jam set the stage for Usher’s reign over the late 90s, cashing in on his R&B vocal prowess and flirtatious charisma. The radio version, in particular, showcases Usher’s phenomenal ability to deliver seductive ballads while still keeping it mainstream accessible. The groove is dripping in laid-back sensuality, setting the mood with a slinky, addictive melody that still catches the ear today. It was a turning point in Usher’s career, establishing him as a sensation in the pop-R&B crossover space. So why isn’t it at the top of our list? Well, there’s a lot of Usher to love, and while “Nice & Slow” is undoubtedly noteworthy, there’s more provocative Usher material to explore.

16. Superstar

Number 22 on our list, “Superstar,” from Usher’s diamond-certified album “Confessions,” is a bold testament to the singer’s smooth charisma and showmanship. The sentimental track lyrically flips the typical groupie dynamic, demonstrating Usher’s finesse in navigating the hallways of the emotional hotel that is R&B. With its seductive charm, this song is a slow-burning gem that brings out the most tender parts of Usher’s vocal craft and ear for melody, making it an unforgettable serenade in his discography. It sure plays the ‘star meets fan’ trope to a T, but it’s Usher’s evocative vocal performance that elevates “Superstar” from potential cliché to enrapturing classic. It’s not his biggest hit, but it is quintessentially Usher.

15. I Don’t Mind (feat. Juicy J)

“I Don’t Mind (feat. Juicy J)” brings a mellow, groove-infused energy to Usher’s canon. Released in 2014 on his album “UR,” the track’s got a relaxed albeit confident swagger that beautifully contrasts Usher’s high-powered bangers. The song’s message is a bit controversial, with Usher expressing that he doesn’t mind if his girl works as a stripper, as long as she comes home to him. Juicy J’s rap verse adds a hefty punch of legitimacy to the track, broadening the song’s appeal. While this may not be Usher’s most game-changing track, it’s certainly a testament to his versatility and his uncanny knack for tapping into the zeitgeist. Ultimately, “I Don’t Mind” is a smooth cruising track that sits comfortably in the middle of Usher’s oeuvre.

14. Scream

“Scream,” now this is a jam. Crafted by the production genius of Max Martin and Shellback, Usher dropped this EDM-infused banger back in 2012—the height of the genre’s takeover in the pop world. A sure-fire dancefloor anthem, Usher’s intensely powerful vocals are non-negotiable here, sliding effortlessly over the uplifting synth-led beat. Sure, it might be suffering from some light synth burn as the years go by, but can you blame the man for capturing the zeitgeist? Some might call it a concession to pop trends, but in the context of Usher’s adventurous discography, it’s a testament to his chameleonic nature. No, it’s not Shakespeare, nor is it vintage Usher—but on a sweaty dancefloor with a booming sound system, it’s pure unadulterated fun. 18th on our list—and a damn good time.

13. You Make Me Wanna…

Usher’s hit “You Make Me Wanna…” is number 27 on our list. With its silky beats and compelling lyrics, this track set the tone for Usher’s transition into a grown-up RnB heartthrob. The 1997 mid-tempo jam signaled the sophistication that would become Usher’s signature sound, wooing music fans worldwide with its intoxicating blend of soulful vocals and smooth production. However, as ridiculously good as the song is, it’s worth acknowledging that Usher would grow and refine this sound in subsequent releases, eventually crafting pop perfection. So while this song may be a nostalgic favorite for many, it’s simply Usher dipping his toes into what would become a vast ocean of hits.

12. More – RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix

At number seven on our list is the Eurodance banger “More – RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix”. Musically, it’s a kinetic roller-coaster ride, a classic Eurodance escapade with a palpable hint of R&B, helmed by the pop maestro RedOne and Jimmy Joker. The remix version takes Usher out of his comfort zone, featuring swirling synth lines and a thundering bass drum that makes your pulse race. That said, the song still feels distinctively Usher, with his smooth vocals cutting through the high-energy beats with precision and emotion. It’s a fine example of a remix done right, enhancing the original while still preserving its core vibe. A sonic excursion worth taking.

11. Confessions Part II

Riding high at number 11, we’ve got “Confessions Part II,” the spine-tingling sequel to Usher’s mega-hit “Confessions.” This track epically proves that Usher is far more than a swoon-inducing crooner; he’s a storyteller of the highest order. This Jermaine Dupri-produced tour de force is soaked in regret and introspection, painting a candid picture of Usher’s struggle with truth and consequences. The angst-ridden confession he lays bare, coupled with those smooth R&B beats, gives the track an emotional heft few in his discography can rival. But let’s not kid ourselves, folks, the real magic rests in that heavy chorus that doesn’t just tugs at your heartstrings, it friggin’ yanks at them! When it comes to Usher digging deep and unmasking, “Confessions Part II” does it like no other. Listen and weep, dear hearts, listen and weep!

10. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)

Alright, pop aficionados, let’s dish about “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” sliding into the 28th spot on our ranking. Issued from Usher’s sixth studio album, “Raymond v. Raymond”, “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” is a track that, in itself, speaks volumes about Usher’s ability to blend sensuality with playful machismo. But let’s face it: compared to his more heart-tugging ballads or electrifying dance anthems, this Kent Hardin and Usher-produced track is a little lukewarm, don’t you think? We’ve got Plies on for a feature, and he does add a layer of street cred with his trademark Southern drawl. Yet, the magic we love from Usher – that jaw-dropping vocal range, that captivating storytelling – feels a tad muted here. It’s catchy, sure, but it’s not the Usher powerhouse we’re used to. As they say in the biz, it’s a deep cut, at best.

9. U Got It Bad

Slotted into the 5th place is “U Got It Bad,” undoubtedly, one of Usher’s major career-defining moments. Released in 2001, it’s a track that undeniably cemented Usher’s status as an R&B titan. Rife with emotive lyrics and an effortless melodic ebb, it signaled an artist who wasn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox are producers who truly knew how to channel Usher’s sensitive side, producing a track that shimmers with an earnest delivery that hits home with each listen. With its relatable narrative about heartbreak, the song resonated with fans globally and scaled the heights to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Usher’s vocal execution on this track is indisputable, breathing life into the lyrics and delivering a hit that remains iconic in his discography. “U Got It Bad,” is a pure R&B gem, showcasing Usher at his most vulnerable.

8. OMG (feat.

Kicking off with “OMG (feat.,” let me just say: this track is the epitome of pop invasion and club banger fusion. The ultimate brainchild of Usher and the Black Eyed Peas frontman, it ruled the airwaves back in 2010, delivering a shimmering pop-dance anthem ingeniously loaded with electropop wizardry. Usher effortlessly swaggers through an infectious melody and ludicrously catchy hooks, while’s stamp is evident in the pulsating beats. However, while it’s a raucous good time, it also represents Usher’s drift from his R&B roots, trading soulful crooning for auto-tuned frenzy. A mixed bag for sure, but “OMG” undeniably gets bodies moving.

7. Love in This Club

“Love in This Club,” Usher’s audacious anthem of public affection, remains one of his most electrifying entries. The song rides a wave of crisp synths and a hypnotic, pulsing beat, courtesy of producer Polow da Don. Usher’s voice wraps around this club banger like a velvet cloak, his delivery slickly matching the tantalizing ebb and flow of the rhythm. It’s his showman’s flair that takes center stage, turning an unconventional love declaration into an irresistible call to the dancefloor. Yet, the success of “Love in This Club” can’t solely be attributed to Usher’s crooning – Young Jeezy’s grounded verse provides a delicious counterpoint to the song’s lofty romanticism. While it wouldn’t rank as Usher’s most lyrically profound song, its intoxicating melody and seamless production cannot be denied. This track is a neatly-wrapped package of Usher’s charm and charisma, proving why he is pop’s most compelling Casanova.

6. U Remind Me

At number 5, we’ve got “U Remind Me,” an Usher classic and a definitive showcase of his soulful artistry. Released as the lead single for his 8701 album, the song was lauded for its honest expression of romantic hesitation— Usher’s raw admission that new love is sometimes clouded by past heartbreaks was a stroke of genius. It’s a track that’s as comforting as a slow-dance, blending a swaying R&B beat with his unmistakable emotive vocals. The song topped the charts and won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, setting the bar high for what Usher was capable of. Yet, it’s a touch too mellow to rank higher. Still, “U Remind Me” remains a shining testament of Usher’s sensitive side.

5. Burn

“Burn” – Now, let’s spark up a conversation about this 2004 R&B smash hit. “Burn” is a searing confessional, where Usher masterfully used his velvet timbre to capture the emotional turmoil of ending a long-term relationship. The track is peppered with sincere regret and red-hot angst, igniting the feel of an earnest heart-to-heart. The balladry here is top-notch, with Usher’s falsetto simmering over Jermaine Dupri’s slow-jam production. No wonder this gem topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eight consecutive weeks. While “Burn” might not be Usher’s catchiest tune, it’s the raw emotion that makes it a standout – revealing that Usher’s strength isn’t just in his dance moves, but in his poignant honesty.

4. Good Good

At #4, we’re diving into “Good Good” from Usher’s sixth studio album, “Here I Stand”. This sultry track is a quintessential example of Usher’s knack for blending pop and R&B into an irresistible mix. The song’s infectious groove, matched with his seductive vocals, truly shows why Usher has remained a constant force in the music industry. Although it might not have reached the same commercial heights as his other hits, this song encapsulates Usher’s ability to deliver sensuality with unmatched charm. It’s a true testament to his prowess as an entertainer, giving audiences good vibes with a smooth delivery that lures you in and keeps you hooked. However, it’s a touch lacklustre when compared to other genre-defining tracks on this list, hence its slightly lower ranking.

3. My Boo

“My Boo,” a throwback to the duet magic of yesteryears, is an undeniable cornerstone in Usher’s expansive discography. A product of a fruitful collaboration with Alicia Keys, this track is a beautiful conjugation of two then-rising R&B giants, rendering a soulful ode to first loves. The song immediately strikes a chord with its nostalgic, piano-driven melody, but it’s the magnetic chemistry between Usher and Keys that takes center stage here. They trade verses smoothly, their voices intertwining in a vibrant narrative of youthful romance that remained etched in public memory long after its release. Yet, despite its status as a chart-topping success, “My Boo” falls short of the intoxicating edge that other singles in Usher’s repertoire hit so effortlessly.

2. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull)

Coming in at a prime slot on this Usher hit parade is the toe-tapping glory that is “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” – a track that smacks of dancefloor debauchery and unabashed pop revelry. This infectious earworm, featuring the fiery Pitbull, is a rhapsodic celebration of nightlife allure and the unifying power of a killer DJ set. The pulsating beats, coupled with Usher’s slick vocal prowess, and Pitbull’s signature zest, make this track a staple in any pop playlist. Yet, for all its high-octane charm, it never quite transcends into the profound artistry that Usher has teased in some of his more soul-baring compositions. Hence, it lands smack in the middle of our ranking. A banger, no doubt, but not Usher’s magnum opus.

1. Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)

Alright, y’all, let’s drop the needle on this iconic banger. Yeah! – the ultimate triad of pop, R&B and crunk featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris. This track hit the streets in 2004 and, boy, did it make its mark, reigning at the top of the charts for 12 consecutive weeks. It’s THE quintessential Usher track that solidified his place in pop music history. The beat is intoxicating, the lyrics are contagious, and it became the poster child for a time when hip-hop was merging into the mainstream. Critically, it also signaled a shift in Usher’s career, pushing him beyond the R&B realm and into the pop megastar stratosphere. But let’s be clear, this track wasn’t just a hit—it was a movement, a cultural moment that transcended music. Every club, every party, every car radio – “Yeah!” was omnipresent. It’s the magnum opus of Usher’s discography, and there’s simply no forgetting its impact on pop music.

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