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Released: 2024

Label: Republic Records

Featuring: Nonna

Pop music diva Ariana Grande sure knows how to keep her Arianators on their toes. Ever since her breakout in 2013 with “Yours Truly,” the pint-sized powerhouse has been on an unstoppable trajectory, hitting us with one chart-topping record after another. But in her latest studio offering, the 2024 album “eternal sunshine,” released under Republic Records, Grande dives deep, delivering a rollercoaster ride of emotions through a captivating collection of tracks.

This album sees Grande don a new hat, straddling the line between pop princess and introspective songstress, in a musical journey that is as much about her own personal revelations as it is about delivering the bops her fans have come to know and adore. From the powerful “intro (end of the world)” to the poignant “ordinary things (feat. Nonna),” Grande offers a deeper peek into her world, all wrapped in the superb production values we have come to expect from her.

“eternal sunshine” is a testament to Grande’s ability to evolve and redefine herself within the pop genre, proving once again that she is not just a pop diva but a true artist. The album boasts an impressive roster of tracks, each offering a glimpse into Grande’s heart and mind, showing just how far she’s come since her “Cat Valentine” days. So let’s get into it. From “intro (end of the world)” to “ordinary things (feat. Nonna),” here we are breaking down the album “eternal sunshine” by Ariana Grande.

1 intro

The opening track of ‘eternal sunshine’ showcases Ariana’s vulnerability and introspective prowess, delving deep into the realms of love and relationship uncertainties. With lyrics like, “How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship? Aren’t you really supposed to know that shit? Feel it in your bones and own that shit?” she articulates an intense self-questioning that resonates with anyone who’s ever doubted their love status. The hauntingly existential, “If the sun refused to shine, baby, would I still be your lover? Would you want me there?” postulates the permanence of love in an impermanent world. Ariana uses the impending apocalypse as a metaphorical backdrop to paint a picture of a love tested by time and catastrophe, thus setting a contemplative tone for the entire album.

2 bye

The repetitive refrain, “Bye-bye, boy, bye,” is not merely an ending but a celebration of new beginnings, and owning her narrative. She directly addresses her freedom from fear in the line, “I can’t believe I’m finally moving through my fears.” It’s a monumental declaration of her ascent from a relationship held together by tears. She even alludes to a relentless attempt at making it work, communicating shared accountability with, “Didn’t we? Didn’t we?” But Grande’s self-aware moment in the lyrics, “You know? I’m stronger than I think,” underscores the evolution from the ashes of heartbreak, indicating a profound internal growth. It’s a personal, powerful anthem, illuminating a journey from love, through loss, to self-love and empowerment.

3 don’t wanna break up again

The raw, aching lyrics combined with Grande’s emotive vocals make for a heartbreaking composition. “It’s breaking my heart / To keep breaking yours again / This situationship has to end / But I just can’t refuse / I don’t wanna break up again” – these lines encapsulate the catch 22 of the song’s narrative, torn between ending a tragic love story or continuing the pain. The repeated phrase “I don’t wanna break up again” amplifies the narrative of lingering affection battling the necessity of ending a failing relationship. This song resonates with anyone who’s ever been caught in the push-pull of a relationship both irresistible and unbearable.

4 Saturn Returns Interlude

“Saturn comes along and hits you over the head / Hits you over the head, hits you over the head, and says, ‘Wake up'” – this line provides a striking, visceral visualization of life’s unexpected, sometimes harsh lessons that compel us to confront our true selves. Grande is subtly inviting her listeners to reflect on their personal journeys, urging us to wake up, get real about life and embark on the arduous task of self-discovery. This interlude may not offer the typical pop hook, but its introspective depth and Grande’s silken, persuasive vocals make it equally memorable.

5 eternal sunshine

Direct and unapologetic, Ariana paints a picture of a deeply flawed relationship, unafraid to draw back the curtains on both her and her partner’s shortcomings. She sings, “I showed you all my demons, all my lies / Yet you played me like Atari,” a punch of a lyric that displays the emotional manipulation in their relationship. These lyrics point out the reality of being deceived and the disheartening knowledge that the one who deceived was the one she held dear. Ariana lays her struggle bare, revealing the turmoil of finding solace in her new lover while being haunted by the past. She recognizes her ex-lover as her “eternal sunshine,” a piercing acknowledgment of their persisting significance despite their flawed relationship.

6 supernatural

This song brims with the intensity of an ardent lover’s plea and longing for the beloved’s commitment – “I want you to come claim it, I do / What are you waiting for? / Yeah, want you to name it, I do / Want you to make it yours.” This lyric is a piercing provocation, a challenge to her lover to step up and reciprocate the intensity of her feelings. She further explicates the consuming power of her love in these lines: “It’s like supernatural / This love’s possessing me, but I don’t mind at all.” She doesn’t just accept the powerful force of her love that’s taken over her; she revels in it, showcasing the concept that surrendering to this supernatural love is more liberating than restraining.

7 true story

Her repeated plea, “Gimme love, love, gimme love / Not what I want / Gimme love, love, gimme love / Ain’t gonna happen to me”, is a poignant reflection of the toxic love she’s ensnared in, a love she craves but refuses to succumb to. The searing honesty reaches its peak in the powerful verse “I’ll play the villain if you need me to / I know how this goes, yeah / I’ll be the one you pay to see, play the scene”, underlining her willingness to shoulder blame just to maintain the facade. Here, Grande lays bare the bitter truth of playing roles in a relationship that is essentially a mirage, a far cry from the love she craves.

8 the boy is mine

The signature line, “The boy is mine, I can’t wait to try him, Let’s get intertwined, the stars, they aligned,” underscores the sense of cosmic predestination she feels towards this person. Grande’s lyrical prowess shines brightly as she subtly interweaves assertiveness and vulnerability. She’s “not usually like this,” depicting her internal struggle to reconcile this unexpected attraction, but ultimately, she can’t “deny” or “ignore” her heart. With the line, “Something about him is made for somebody like me,” Grande achingly points out a deep, inherent connection, while the phrase “And I, I take full accountability for all these tears” speaks to self-realization and emotional responsibility. “The Boy is Mine” captures the tumultuous and thrilling journey of grappling with passionate feelings that disrupt the status quo.

9 yes, and?

The line, “Be your own fuckin’ best friend,” reverberates as a call to arms, promoting the importance of self-belief and independence, while moving forward to the query, “What’s next?” Grande unapologetically demands respect in lines such as, “Don’t comment on my body, do not reply,” a deft swipe at objectification and intrusion. The recurring “Yes, and?” is a brilliant rhetorical device – a confrontational demand to the listener that indicates Grande won’t be stifled by public scrutiny. In a world that often silences vocal females, Grande’s “Yes, and?” is a dynamite explosion of self-assertion.

10 we can’t be friends

It resonates with anyone who’s clung to a bond that’s fading into the rearview. The lyrical powerhouse tackles this delicate emotional ballet with resonating candor, laying it bare with “We can’t be friends/But I’d like to just pretend.” The almost-pathetic hopefulness, the yearning to hang on displayed through the repeated lines “Wait until you like me again/Wait for your love,” hits like the slow descent of an autumn leaf, weightless but impactful. Meanwhile, the declaration “You got me misunderstood, but at least I look this good” turns the tables, underscoring Grande’s mastery at slyly recasting vulnerability as resilience. The song’s profound introspection, it’s stripped-bare bravado, solidifies it as a standout in Grande’s formidable discography.

11 i wish i hated you

She talks about rearranging memories, wishing for a rewrite, only to realize that the heartache she carries is not borne of hate, but a love that’s hard to let go. She captures the darker shades of vulnerability and self-conflict, culminating in the guilt-ridden chorus where she admits her struggle to despise the one who hurt her. This is pop music at its most cathartic, offering listeners a communion in shared heartbreak.

12 imperfect for you

You can feel the whispering echoes of truth as she sings, “Fucked up, anxious, too much / But I’ll love you like you need me to / Imperfect for you.” This lyric captures the essence of the song, a genuine confession of being completely flawed yet entirely devoted. It’s not just about loving someone; it’s about shifting your whole perspective for them, becoming a better version despite your imperfections. Ariana’s words, “Messy, completely distressed / But I’m not like that since I met you” provides a testament to how a transformative love can alter paths and still prove itself potent in chaotic times. This track is a heartfelt sonic letter, offering an intimate look at Ariana’s world of love, complete with its inherent anxieties and threading resilience.

13 ordinary things

Features: Nonna

Nonna)”. Her memorable verse, “No matter what we do, There’s never gonna be an ordinary thing. No ordinary things with you. It’s funny but it’s true. There’s never gonna be an ordinary thing. As long as I’m with you.” echoes a profound truth about relationships. It’s not about the ostentatious demonstrations of love, but instead, the tender moments that truly touch the heart and mean the most. Grande has summed up the ephemeral essence of real love in this lyric – the mundane being transformed into extraordinary by virtue of shared experience and shared connection. The climax with Nonna’s sage advice on love is a welcome touch of life wisdom, a memorable reminder of the importance of intimacy and genuine connection.

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