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Meaning of ‘Who’s Gonna’ by ‘LU KALA’

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Released: 2024

LU KALA’s “Who’s Gonna” is one of those pop anthems that screams confidence and empowerment. This song is about knowing your worth, setting high standards, and not settling for anything less. LU KALA is making it clear that she’s a queen, she’s valuable, and she’s in control of what she wants.

In the lines “Say you wanna queen better level up, Got a little green well it ain’t enough”, LU KALA establishes that she expects the best. “Level up” is a phrase often used in pop culture and gaming, meaning to improve or progress. The “green” she’s talking about is money, and she’s pretty blunt about her expectations; if you want her, average won’t cut it.

The chorus is a catchy ask – “Who’s gonna: Give it to me give it to me (yeah)”. While it maybe not be crystal clear what “it” is, within the context of this song, she’s likely talking about the high standards she’s set out, not just material possessions, but respect, love, and full-on effort.

Wine me dine me ice me baby fly me out tonight“, speaks to enjoying the finer things. “Ice” is a colloquial term often used in pop culture to refer to jewelry, particularly diamonds. So, she’s saying she wants to be pampered, taken out, decorated in jewelry, and perhaps even taken on trips.

The phrase “Drip me in Chanel, Louis, Dior a thousand times”, refers to being styled in high-end designer brands, again showing her desire for luxury. And the end part – “Show me what I want and you’ll never lose me” indicates that if her partner meets these high standards of hers, he’ll always have her.

She further emphasizes her independence and control in these lines – “(I’m) independent I don’t need it but I want it Now, (It’s) been a minute since I let ’em get up in it Ow”. LU KALA isn’t just figuring out that she wants more, she’s been living that for a good minute. She’s independent and she doesn’t need these things, but she doesn’t mind them either.

In short, “Who’s gonna” by LU KALA is a modern pop anthem promoting self-love, high standards, and the idea that we should all demand what we’re worth. It’s catchy, it’s smart and it’s confident, just like LU KALA herself. Remember, don’t just get it because you need it, get it because you’re worth it!

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