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Meaning of ‘Touching The Sky’ by ‘Rauw Alejandro’

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Released: 2024

“Touching The Sky” by Rauw Alejandro is a love-stricken ballad, where the artist expresses the thrilling feelings he experiences in a romantic relationship. It’s a metaphorical journey shedding light on passionate emotions that make him feel as if he’s soaring to the clouds, or quite literally, ‘touching the sky’.

Starting off with “Siento que el cielo estoy tocando” or in English ‘I feel like I’m touching the sky’, Rauw Alejandro uses this phrase as a symbol of the overwhelming joy and ecstasy he’s experiencing due to his love interest. Her smile takes him to heaven, hinting at his deep affection for her. In the lines “Ella y yo nos dejamos llevar / Mañana podemos aterrizar” – ‘She and I let ourselves go / We can land tomorrow’, he suggests giving in to the exhilarating moment, worry-free of what the future might bring.

Moving forward to “Ella se suelta cuando está afuera / Sus labios pegan con su cartera” – ‘She lets loose when she’s outside / Her lips match her purse’, he gives us a glimpse of his partner’s vibrant personality and style. He’s head over heels for her, even willing to risk it all, as depicted in the line, “Si me lo das todo, por ti del paracaídas yo me arrojo” – ‘If you give me everything, for you, I’ll jump from the parachute’. This dramatic statement underscores his willingness to take leaps of faith for her.

The chorus repeats to emphasize the intoxicating sensation of his emotions, underscoring how love has affected him. He states “Mi corazón antes estaba gris, ahora es rojo”, ‘My heart was gray before, now it’s red’, implying his life was dull and lifeless before her love colorized his world. He ends the song with a recognition that both he and his ladylove have suffered the pains of love, but that doesn’t deter them from plunging into it.

In a nutshell, “Touching The Sky” is a musical expression of passionate love, having a vibe of recklessness and adventures that sometimes accompanies young love. While the song is a snapshot of a moment, it paints a vivid picture of an artist high on love and completely smitten by the woman he’s singing about. And that, folks, is pop music at its finest!

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