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Meaning of the song ‘You Know Wassup’ by ‘Kehlani’

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Released: 2019

“You Know Wassup” by Kehlani is a soul-pouring track that delves into the tumultuous realm of love, exposed vulnerabilities, and the struggle of grappling with personal turmoil within a relationship. This gripping and emotionally charged song reflects on choosing love and commitment despite the rocky phases, while simultaneously wrestling with the pain of feeling second place to a partner’s vices and personal demons.

Opening with a nostalgic remembrance of ‘texting good morning’, Kehlani quickly pivots to the current emotionally icy state of affairs, questioning how they ‘let it go like that’ and ‘where I mess up at’. The juxtaposition in this verse speaks volumes about a relationship gone sour due to complex reasons, yet the longing for better times persists.

Kehlani delivers a powerful call for self-respect and recognition with the lines ‘why do I gotta beg to be chosen over your vices, over your liquor?’ The repetition of ‘why I gotta’ underscores the frustrating cycle of emotional disregard and neglect she’s feeling. The inquiry of deserving ‘roses’ and ‘bigger’ signifies her affirmation for more love, care, and attention.

Kehlani You Know Wassup

Announcing ‘You got demons, I got trauma’, Kehlani exposes the underlying troubles they both deal with. These ‘demons’ and ‘trauma’ are the internal struggles and past experiences that showing up as triggers within their relationship, bringing ‘drama’ and ‘shock’. Furthermore, the repetition of the phrase ‘this shit don’t stop’ reveals the relentless, ongoing turmoil in the relationship.

The chorus echoes the agonizing dilemma, expressing her enduring love and standing by her partner inspite of the hardships. She outlines her deep commitment by stating she’s ‘still with all the actions’ and ‘still wanna be your co-captain’, and pointedly remarks ‘don’t lose a girl of your dreams’.

The closing section of the song reaffirms the cyclical nature of their relationship’s struggles while hinting at the potential for change – ‘I’m gonna say it loud so you hear me’. It’s an impassioned plea for open communication and understanding, but it’s also a testament to Kehlani’s perseverance and her willingness to weather the storm for love’s sake.

Through the highs and lows depicted in “You Know Wassup”, Kehlani offers a raw and honest narration about love’s complexities, asserting that while romantic relationships can often feel like beautiful dreams, they can equally morph into intense battlegrounds of the heart.

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