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Meaning of the song ‘Yellow’ by ‘jxdn’

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Released: 2024″Yellow” by jxdn is a heartfelt homage to love, capturing the intoxicating feeling of falling hard and going all in for the one who occupies your heart. The song emphasizes the transformative power of love, and how it can turn even the most ordinary aspects of life into something extraordinary and beautiful.

Diving into the lyrics, “Look at the stars/Look how they shine for you/And everything you do/Yeah, they were all yellow/I came along/I wrote a song for you,” jxdn sets up a beautiful image of admiration and affection – painting his love as the center of his universe. The way stars shine for the protagonist of the song, everything the loved one does is painted yellow, a color often symbolising happiness, positivity or enlightenment in many cultures.

“So then I took my turn/Oh, what a thing to have done/And it was all yellow,” speaks to taking a chance, stepping up to express his feelings, which is echoed in the following line where the singer ‘swims’ and ‘jumps across’ for the person in question – showcasing the lengths he’s willing to go for his love.

“Oh yeah, your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones/Turn into something beautiful/Oh yeah, you know, you know I love you so,” these lines further highlight jxdn’s romanticism, showing how love transforms perception and causes him to see the object of his affection in a new and more beautiful light.

He hammers home his affection in these recurring lyrics, “For you, I’d bleed myself dry,” it’s him literally pledging to devote everything he has for the sake of his loved one. It’s a powerful statement of selfless love, hinting at the depth of his feelings.

Finally, the repeating lines “Look how they shine for you,” drives home the central theme of the song by returning to the original metaphor of the stars. His world revolves around the one he loves and everything appears exceptional because of them.

At its core, “Yellow” is a love letter, a ballad of romance, dedication, and sacrifice. A song about the overwhelming power of love turning everyday things into extraordinary experiences.

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