Dark Light

Released: 2015

Ready to dig deep into the mystic world of Florence + The Machine’s “Which Witch”? In a nutshell, this song is a profound exploration of internal struggle, battling past burdens and relationships lingering in the mind. It echoes a journey traveled by many, a fight against personal demons and the quest for liberation.

The first verse sets the stage of a heart marked by an old scar, carrying the weight of past experiences. Florence uses the phrase “bleach it out” as a metaphor for trying to erase the past – a futile endeavor we all can relate to. “I’m on trial, waiting ’til the beat comes out” suggests a self-judgment scenario, presumably rooted in past mistakes.

The chorus has her questioning herself – “Who’s a heretic now?”. In glossy pop parlance, ‘heretic’ might be too severe, but in Florence’s universe, it’s a term for someone deviating from their personal beliefs, especially in the heat of the moment. Florence is calling out to herself here, challenging her own actions.

The lines “I’m miles away, he’s on my mind / I’m getting tired of crawling all the way” hint at a strained relationship that once held her captive. This ‘crawling’ signifies the immense struggle she’s facing in moving on. But, she asserts, “I’m not beaten by this yet” and “You can’t tell me to regret”, showcasing a sense of defiance, pushing back against lingering ties.

When she sings “Fire, help me to forget,” she’s calling upon a transformative force, hoping it will cleanse her of her past and pain. A recurring motif in pagan and spiritual traditions, fire represents rebirth and cleansing.

And then, “Chained and shackled, oh / I’ll unravel, oh” is a statement of optimism wrapped in a cry for help. The chains and shackles symbolize her emotional imprisonment, but her will to ‘unravel’ resonates with an urge to free herself and evolve.

Through “Which Witch,” Florence + The Machine delve into the psyche of those grappling with past wounds and the struggle to move forward. It echoes resilience, self-confrontation, and the human capacity for healing and growth.

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