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Meaning of the song ‘We R Who We R’ by ‘Kesha’

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Released: 2010

“We R Who We R” by Kesha is a thrilling pop anthem that captures the free-spirited nature and daring audacity of youth in all its rebellious glory. The song is a full-on celebration of individuality, embodying the reckless energy of being young, original, and defiantly true to oneself.

Diving into the lyrics, “Hot and dangerous / If you’re one of us, then roll with us / ‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love,” Kesha sets the stage on fire, positioning herself and her fans – who are seen as “hot and dangerous” – as influential trendsetters in the music scene. In this context, “hipsters” refer to a subculture known for its affinity for alternative lifestyles and counterculture, and by saying she makes them “fall in love”, it implies that her unique style and music are influencing and attracting even outsiders.

The chorus, “Tonight we’re going har-har-har, ha-ha-hard / Just like the world is our-our-our, ou-ou-ours / We’re tearin’ it apart-part-pa-pa-pa-part”, is a call to the wildness of youth, a call to live in the moment without boundaries or restrictions. Her reference to going “hard” suggests partying intensely or passionately dedicating herself to the moment. It’s a fierce declaration of youthful ambition and the desire to seize control of the world and tear it apart with their energy. Her repetition of “We are who we are” further emphasizes the importance of celebrating one’s individuality.

In the verse, “We’re sellin’ our clothes, sleepin’ in cars / Dressin’ it down, hittin’ on dudes (hard),” she captures a certain carefree spirit associated with youth – the freedom of exploration, the liberation from societal norms, and the audacity to embrace their sexuality openly.

Kesha’s “We R Who We R” isn’t just any pop number, it’s a rallying cry for unabashed self-expression, a reminder to all the beautiful misfits out there to embrace their originality and live their truth, no matter how wild, unconventional, or reckless it may seem. It’s about breaking the mold, tearing down the walls, and dancing like no one’s watching. To put it simply, it’s a love letter to all those who dare to be themselves in a world that so often insists on uniformity.

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