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Released: 2015

“Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo is a pulsating pop track that encapsulates the desire and yearning of a man aching to be with the woman he desires. It’s a passionate exploration of lust and love, set in a steamy atmosphere of anticipation.

The song begins with a vivid picture of our protagonist lying in bed, restless and suffering in the intense heat – both literal and metaphorical, reflective of his burning desire for his love interest. He can’t stand it anymore, hence, the frantic search for his keys as he makes the decision to leave and fulfill his desires.

In the back of the cab, Derulo is preoccupied by thoughts of his lover, the anticipatory excitement palpable. The phrase “I tip the driver ‘head of time, Get me there fast,” suggests an urgency, a desperate yearning to be reunited with his beloved. His craving is so intense that even simple thoughts of her get him “so high.”

The repeating chorus, “Girl, you’re the one I want to want me / And if you want me, girl, you got me / There’s nothing I, no, I wouldn’t do (I wouldn’t do) / Just to get up next to you.” Here, “get up next to you” is a commonly used phrase in pop music to refer to emotional and physical intimacy. It’s a declaration of his longing for her love and his commitment to do whatever it takes – there’s nothing he wouldn’t do just to be close to her.

As the song progresses, we see a shift in scene – she opens the door wearing “nothing but a smile,” setting an intimate and sensual scene. The whispered promise “Baby, I’m yours” indicates a reciprocation of his feelings.

The song ends with Derulo in a state of high – the just thought of her gets him “so high,” reinforcing the intoxicating effect of her presence and their closeness. The final lines, “I would do anything / Just to get up next to you / Anything and everything / Just to get up next to you,” echo the chorus and cement Derulo’s promise – he’s prepared to go to any lengths to be close to her.

In essence, “Want to Want Me” is a steamy love letter set to music, capturing an intoxicating dance of desire and the lengths one might go to realize it.

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