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Meaning of the song ‘Trumpets’ by ‘Jason Derulo’

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Released: 2013

In “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo, the song centers around the palpable passion and love Derulo has for an object of his affection, expressed through a series of musical metaphors. His emotions and feelings are so powerful that they translate into an orchestral soundtrack in his head, hence the title, “Trumpets.”

Derulo starts off by setting the scene, “Every time that you get undressed I hear symphonies in my head.” This line hints at a deeply intimate and sensual connection. His failing for this unnamed woman is no ordinary thing; it’s an orchestral masterpiece, an epic symphony, full of drama and emotion, playing out within him. He describes his feelings and how they magnify when she strips down, reinforcing the deep physical and emotional attraction he feels for her.

Subtly infusing pop culture references, Derulo mentions, “Is it weird that your ass remind me of a Kanye West song? Is it weird that your bra remind me of a Katy Perry song?” Here, he’s using Kanye West and Katy Perry as metaphors to encapsulate the woman’s appeal. Given the nature of Kanye’s and Katy’s music — bold, unapologetic, and tantalizing — it’s fair to infer that Derulo finds this woman exceptionally striking and captivating.

Jason Derulo Trumpets

When Derulo croons, “Is it weird that your eyes remind me of a Coldplay song?,” he adds another layer to his feelings. Coldplay is well known for their melancholic, soulful and deeply emotional tracks. His comparison, then, presents a more emotional, soulful connection he feels with the woman. It’s more than just physical attraction; it is emotional depth and vulnerability.

The repeated line, “I wrote this song just looking at you,” portrays that not only does this woman inspire him, but that his feelings are so profound they lend themselves naturally to songwriting. It’s a testament to the extent of his affection that the simple act of seeing her invokes an entire symphony in his head.

By using music as a metaphor for his feelings, Derulo is effectively capturing the intensity and depth of his emotions. Just like how a beautiful piece of music can stir one’s soul, so too does this woman move and stir Derulo. The “trumpets,” “drums,” “symphonies,” and “angels singing” are all symbols representing the magnitude of his feelings. The song, hence, is a celebration of deep affection, passion, and the power of love to inspire and create music.

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