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Meaning of the song ‘Treat You Better’ by ‘Shawn Mendes’

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Released: 2017

“Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes is a textbook example of what it means to be stuck in a love triangle. This melody is draped with unrequited love, the throbbing ache of seeing someone you care about with someone who doesn’t deserve them. The artist’s desperation to prove he’s the better suitor is palpable, crafting a song that swings like a pendulum between emotional entreating and assertive persuasion.

Shawn summons the strength to voice his feelings in the opening verse, “I know he’s just not right for you…and undeniably, you can tell me if I’m off”, radiating a sense of Urgency mixed with Respect. He’s not trying subtly or sweet talk his way into her affinity. Mendes lays it all out bluntly and honestly.

As the chorus kicks in, Shawn pulls no punches: “I know I can treat you better than he can”. Rather than playing the villain, he becomes the hero, ready to step into the breach. Mendes is trying to win her over with the promise of better treatment and the understanding that “any girl like you deserves a gentleman.”

In a heartfelt twist, Shawn sings, “I’ll stop time for you. The second you say you’d like me too”. It speaks volumes about his dedication and commitment. He’s ready to move mountains, freeze time, just to make her happy. It’s a grand gesture, a way to win her heart by contrasting his efforts against the perceived neglect from her current partner.

Then there’s the bridge, perhaps the most potent part of the song, where Shawn implores “Give me a sign, Take my hand, we’ll be fine… Promise I’ll never let you down”. These lines encapsulate the hopeful romantic in Mendes. He’s making the bid for her trust, underscoring his willingness to be there for her no matter what. He’s not just offering better treatment, but consistency and emotional stability.

No sugar-coating, no veiled meanings, this song is as straightforward as a pop song can get. It’s Mendes’ way of throwing down the gauntlet, of stepping up and stating that he can be the man she deserves. It’s his heart on his sleeve, his words on melody, his feelings laid bare for all of us to see.

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