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Released: 2000

“This Christmas,” by Christina Aguilera, is an iconic slice of pop holiday music that brims over with festive cheer and the warm embrace of love during the holiday season. Its essential theme is centered on the exhilaration of sharing Christmas with a loved one and the anticipation of it being a particularly memorable one.

Christina’s song kicks off with setting the traditional Christmas scene with mistletoe and tree trimming. When she croons, “Hang all the mistletoe, I’m gonna get to know you better, yeah, this Christmas,” she’s saying she’s looking forward to deepening her relationship with her loved one during the season, viewed by many as a time of rebirth and renewal.

The chorus, “Fireside is blazing bright, we’re caroling through the night and this Christmas will be, a very special Christmas for me,” has a double-edged sentiment. On the one hand, it paints a cozy picture of classic Christmas festivities. On the other, it conveys her expectation that this particular holiday season, spent with her special someone, will indeed be extraordinary.

Aguilera further expresses her joy when she sings, “Presents and cards are here, my world is filled with cheer and you.” The mention of presents and cards links back to the customary exchanging of gifts. Her world being filled with cheer refers to the overwhelming happiness experienced during the festive season – a joy amplified by the presence of her loved one.

In the bridge, she encourages intimacy and unity with the lyrics “Shake a hand, shake a hand now,” urging us to extend friendship and goodwill during the holiday season, staying true to the theme of togetherness that marks Christmas celebrations.

In summation, “This Christmas” is Aguilera’s way of expressing her excitement and contentment for the upcoming holiday season. Beyond the gifts and the caroling, it’s the warmth, love, and camaraderie that makes the season truly special for her. In the pop diva’s own words, it’s going to be a “very special Christmas.”

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