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Meaning of the song ‘River Of Tears’ by ‘Alessia Cara’

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Released: 2016

“River Of Tears” by Alessia Cara is a soulful exploration of heartache and personal growth after the end of a significant romantic relationship. The ballad poignantly captures the emotional turmoil and the metaphorical journey the artist navigates, symbolized through the recurring motif of a “river of tears”.

The track kicks off with Cara’s acknowledgment of her lingering feelings, manifested in the material remnants of the relationship: the flowers and the promises once given. In this verse, she lays out the pain of being deceived, the struggle to break free, and the disappointment of discovering that her once-beloved is not the hero she gallantly thought, but a ‘villain.’ The use of ‘villain’ and ‘hero’ is potent, tapping into the universal narratives of good versus evil, expectations versus reality.

The chorus brings forth the central metaphor of the track: the ‘river of tears.’ She equates her voluminous tears to a river, a force that drowns her initially but in due course becomes a transforming force that cleanses her. The phrase ‘washed me clean’ symbolizes her emergence from the remnants of the failed relationship, renewed and ready to move forward.

Alessia Cara River Of Tears

The second verse intensifies the emotional tone with her candid admission of missing her ex-lover. But Cara asserts that she is keen on moving on, emphasizing that the pain, however brutal, is for the better.

Significantly, we witness a turning point when Cara sings about crying a ‘wishing well,’ and flying ‘before I fail.’ This shift from sorrow to resilience reinforces her transformation, displaying the grit she’s mustered. And, she identifies that love can simultaneously bring flowers (joy) and build coffins (pain). This dichotomy beautifully encapsulates the dual nature of love: a source of happiness and heartache.

Lastly, she reinforces her newfound clarity, saying that she doesn’t “need no more.” It’s a clear testimony to her emotional growth, a public declaration that she is ready to jettison past baggage to face a new beginning, and a testament to the healing power of time and self-reflection.

Throughout its course, “River Of Tears” is a masterful narrative of aching loss, the turbulent process of coping, and ultimate self-realization. Cara uses the stages of grief to guide us through a river of emotion, ensuring the journey is just as important as the destination.

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