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Meaning of the song ‘Perfect’ by ‘Ed Sheeran’

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Released: 2017

Here we have Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” a ballad that croons love songs beyond teenage fantasies and into the realm of deep, mature commitment. Sheeran cleverly employs a narrative structure, using each verse to time-hop through a relationship saga that encapsulates the essence of love in its raw, authentic and sometimes desperate spaces.

The opening lines “I found a love” signifies that Sheeran’s journey of love begins with discovery, a chance find, the sort of true love you stumble upon when you least expect. “Darling”, a nostalgic term of endearment, evokes an old-school charm, transporting us back to the beginnings of classic pop. Fast-forward a little, and you have a strong articulation of his conviction about this love. “I will not give you up this time”, an unambiguous confession of his intent to hold on, no matter what.

In the heart-swelling chorus, Sheeran uses the image of “dancing in the dark”, a metaphor often used in pop music to symbolize intimacy and earnest affection, unadorned by public spectacle. He paints a picture of raw, elemental affection, of being “barefoot on the grass” and whispering sweet nothings. He captures the universal emotion in moments of shared happiness, like “listening to our favorite song”.

As the story progresses, he sings of a growing relationship and evolving love. “Well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know”, this is a clear shift from the ‘girl’ he found in the beginning. It’s an homage to her strength, her emotional tenacity. “She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home… To carry love, to carry children of our own” — these lines show a crescendo in their relationship, from shared dreams to the prospect of a shared life and family.

By the final chorus, Sheeran’s adoration for his partner has skyrocketed into divine levels. He’s moved from complimenting his partner’s dress to outright calling her an angel. “Now I know I have met an angel in person” — a definitive declaration that reinstates his unconditional love and gratitude for this relationship.

Sheeran, in ‘Perfect,’ weaves a tale of deep-rooted love that acknowledges the flaws and yet sees beauty and perfection. It’s a sentimental ode to the simplicity of pure love and the profound fulfillment it brings. His lyrics span the timeline of a relationship, from youthful passion to mature commitment, capturing the narrative progression in a manner so compelling, it’s bound to tug at your heart strings.

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