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Released: 2024

“On the street (solo version)” by j-hope is a poetic exploration of moving forward, hoping, and loving, no matter the circumstances. The song encapsulates the everyday struggle of life, emphasizing the need for maintaining hope, love, and perspective during this journey.

The lyrics open with the repeating lines of “Every time I walk/ run/ move/ look/ love/ hope”, symbolizing the consistent, cyclical actions we perform in life. These phrases can be seen as a reflection of our daily rituals and reinforce the importance of carrying on, of pushing through, for “us” – it could be j-hope’s loved ones, fans, or humanity as a whole.

내 두 발은 선뜻 걸어, anywhere, J in the air translates to “My two feet walk willingly, anywhere, J in the air”. Here, J refers to j-hope himself, asserting his freedom and resilience in the face of adversity. He juxtaposes this sentiment with “Even my walk was made of your love and your faith”, expressing gratitude for the support he receives, which fuels his journey.

As the song progresses, we see more vivid imagery of the struggles encountered “on the street”, including encounters with scars, loss, and despair, alluded to in lines like “짙은 길 위, we try to smile” and “마른 길 위, we try to cry”. These lines underscore the human resilience in adversity, and our collective attempts to navigate life’s unpredictability.

The lyric “약인가? 악인가? 숙명 같은 한인가?” translates to “Is it a medicine? Is it evil? Is it a destiny-like regret?”. This suggests the questioning and contemplation that accompanies our life journey, sparking introspection about destiny, morality, and regret.

Despite the challenges, j-hope ends each verse with a reaffirmation of hope and love, always bringing it back to “us”. By repeating these phrases throughout the song, he sends a strong message of resilience, unity, and perseverance. In essence, j-hope’s “On the street (solo version)” is not just a pop song, but a lyrical anthem for life’s journey, capturing the complex beauty and pain interwoven into each step.

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