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Meaning of the song ‘Los Ageless’ by ‘St. Vincent’

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Released: 2017

“Los Ageless,” by St. Vincent, or more formally known as Annie Clark, is a profound exploration of the paradox of permanence in a world that obsesses over youth and beauty. The song’s lyrics blend love, self-deprecation, and the eeriness of the superficially eternal city of Los Angeles, giving listeners an introspective trip down a conscious yet confused mind.

The song starts setting the scene of “Los Ageless,” Clark’s dystopian interpretation of Los Angeles where “the winter never comes,” a city seemingly stuck in time. The verse “the mothers milk their young” might hint towards a world obsessed with prolonged youth and beauty. The line “I can keep running” suggests a relentless quest, presumably for love or perhaps even personal identity.

The chorus echoes a heartbroken lament: “How can anybody have you, lose you, and not lose their minds?” This poignant questioning seems to highlight Clark’s sense of disbelief and frustration about a failed relationship, suggesting an intense emotional struggle that drives her to question the sanity of the person she loved.

She further paints an image of “Girls in cages playing their guitars,” possibly alluding to women trapped by societal expectations or norms. The aspect of not being able to leave and just following her car hints at her feeling lost or trapped in the superficial glitz of Los Angeles.

The line “I’m a monster and you’re my sacred cow,” exemplifies self-deprecation, often a mask for pain and heartbreak, while also considering her lover as something sacred and untouchable. Clark indicates that despite it all, “she can keep running,” reinforcing her persisting journey.

Lastly, Clark poignantly communicates the struggle with expressing her emotions correctly: “I try to tell you I love you, and it comes out all sick.” Here, she might be addressing her inability to communicate her love adequately and thus inevitably pushing the person away, further emphasizing the lament built into the song.

Overall, “Los Ageless” by St. Vincent is a brilliant example of how pop music fosters self-expression, and how it can convey an artist’s experience dealing with love, heartbreak, societal norms, and personal identity, all within the glamorous yet superficial confines of a metaphorical city.

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