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Meaning of the song ‘I Choose You’ by ‘Forest Blakk’

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Released: 2023

Upon first glance, “I Choose You” by Forest Blakk is a love song that adorns the chosen one with praises and vows of unconditional love, but it also lays bare the trials of love, emphasizing that even during the hardest of times the choice to love this person persists. This song is exuding with a depth and honesty that underscores the artists’ own journey and experiences with love and relationships.

The opening lines, “I love the way your hair gets in your eyes/And I love the way that you can’t tell a lie”, introduce us to the raw and honest adoration Forest Blakk has for his partner’s quirks and transparency. It’s a love that sees beyond the facade; it’s appreciative of the bare, unfiltered reality.

His lyrics “You’re an angel, and I can’t believe you’re mine/Nothing ordinary, you’re extraordinary” border on awe-struck admiration, painting his partner in a divine light. This bit particularly sets the stage for the passionate refrain that reinforces his devotion throughout the rest of the song.

In the lines “Pretty good at being wrong for my whole life/But with you, I know there’s one thing I got right,” Forest Blakk takes a moment of self-reflection, admiring the only thing he’s certain of, his love for this person. It’s a humble confession that casts a spotlight on his vulnerability and desire to get love right.

The chorus, “On days when it’s easy, on days when it’s hard/You don’t have to be nervous, just fall in my arms/My love is a sure thing that you’ll never lose/No matter what this life puts us through/I choose you,” sends a powerful message of unconditional, unwavering commitment. In this particular bit, even the colloquial language of “fall in my arms” translates to him providing a safe haven for his partner, a place of comfort during trials and tribulations. It’s the reassurance that love, when true and deep, is capable of weathering the stormiest of times.

The repetition of “I do, I do, I do/I choose you,” is not just a catchy hook, friends. It’s reminiscent of wedding vows, a solemn promise of ‘for better or worse,’ echoed and reinforced with conviction. It’s a poignant reminder that love, when it’s right and genuine, is indeed a choice, a conscious decision made every day.

The final verse, “As long as my heart beats, I swear that it’s true/But no matter what this life puts us through/I choose you,” encapsulates the essence of the song. Forest Blakk assures us that as long as he lives, his promise remains unbroken and his choice unwavered. It’s a bold statement to end with and encapsulates his testament of unwavering love.

In conclusion, “I Choose You” is a candid commentary on love’s resilience, commitment, and the courage to make a choice and stick with it, through thick and thin. It’s a beautiful testament to Forest Blakk’s personal journey of love and companionship, presented with raw honesty and deep affection.

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